Your Guide to Using Banana Powder Like a Makeup Artist

by Akruti
Your Guide to Using Banana Powder

You‘ve probably heard of the word ‘Banana Powder’ or secretly wonder why it has long been a staple in most make-up bags. The non-fruity and unscented powder is creating headlines on YouTube and Instagram, thanks to its cult-favourite baking technique. 

Baking is basically setting your face with a powder to diminish the look of fine lines, absorb oil, colour correct discoloration and mainly keep your makeup intact. However, there are multiple setting powders that stay put on your liquid foundation and concealer throughout the day but banana powder is the most prominent one that suits all skin types and colour.

How does Banana Powder Work?

Your Guide to Using Banana Powder

With the craze of ‘glass skin’ and the hype of dewy makeup, the charm of powders has surely been sidelined. If you are the one who always falls for matte finish then setting powder is your go-to friend. If you are afraid of those ghostly white selfies, banana powder is a gem to keep. The yellow pigments in the powder highlight and reduce the risk of white patches, creating a second skin but grease-free. Set your makeup with a banana powder to get a base that will last long work nights, outlast sweat and highlights your features.

How to use Banana Powder?

Due to the lighter shade of banana powder, other than setting your makeup, it can also be used to pronounce different sections of your face including under eyes, nose, forehead and even under your contour.

Follow the below steps to that gorgeous matte finish:

Step 1: After concealing the dark areas with a full coverage concealer, dip your fluffy brush or sponge into the banana powder and swirl it all over your face. The SUGAR All Set To Go Banana Powder works flawlessly on all skin types to diminish fine lines and avoid white cast. 

Step 2: With a baking technique, apply a heavy amount of product, and apply it on the areas you have concealed to set your base. It will absorb excess oil and give you a matte effect.

Your Guide to Using Banana Powder

Step 3: To make this method work like magic, let the powder sit on your face for a few minutes—extra time will lock and settle the product to reflect the light. 

Step 4:  After a few minutes, dust off the excess powder with the help of a powder brush. If you are time sensitive, dab the greasy areas with a lightweight banana compact similar to SUGAR Powder Play Banana Compact to set your base. Make sure to blend it nicely to prevent patchiness.

Is Banana Powder the same as Translucent Powder?

Even the beauty fanatics have been befuddled about the main difference between banana powder and translucent powder. We’ve been there too! Banana powder typically has a flattering warm highlight to it whereas translucent powder comes without any pigment. It’s usually used to give that matte finish look to your face and has a long-stay power.

That’s all amigos! Try out this makeup gamechanger and see the magic yourself.

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