5 Reasons Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea

by Akruti
Here's Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea

Have a good night but not with your makeup on!

Ugh! Did you sleep with your makeup on and forgot to do your night regime yet again? We feel you girl! We understand, after a long tiring day, all you see is your comfy bed. 

A cleansed face is the best way to keep your skin healthy and nourished. For some of us, it can be part of the routine, but for others, they might want to go an extra mile to get that fresh looking skin. As it is super important, even on the days you are too tired to stumble into the bathroom, simply reach out for the SUGAR Swipe Right Cleansing Water that’ll not just remove your makeup but also cleanse your skin.

While we are told repeatedly that there are multiple side effects of sleeping in makeup as it can really damage the skin, we still ask, is sleeping with makeup bad? Let’s find out! 

1. Acne & Breakouts

Be honest, you’ve probably woken up with your dear friend (fiend) on your forehead after dozing off in a full face of makeup. Guilty? Well, not removing makeup can indeed lead to clogged pores, a.k.a acne. Skincare is a must, especially before heading to bed at night and no, it doesn’t mean just slapping on some moisturizer but it calls for a few, quick steps.

Follow a proper CTM routine to remove dead skin cells, making your skin glowy and refreshed. If you have oily and sensitive skin, keeping your makeup overnight can worsen your skin condition.

Here's Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea
Here's Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea

2. Itchy Skin & Rashes

Sleeping in your makeup can make your skin vulnerable to radicals that can make your skin itchy and red.  Wondering how to remove makeup before bed? Well, other than following your proper skincare routine, try exfoliating your skin twice a week. It will not only keep your skin healthy but also reduce the spread of harmful bacteria that can lead to infections. 

Sleeping in makeup, especially eye makeup, can transfer harmful pathogens, resulting in irritation and infection both in and around your eyes. So, gently rub some micellar water all over your eyes before heading to bed.

3. Sensitive Skin

If you already have skin woes, you are doing a favour by removing your makeup before going to bed. Not only do your skin cells repair themselves at night, but they also help in generating new cells, a.k.a glowing skin. Soft, dewy skin is not as easy to achieve and it takes a lot of care and hydration to make it look healthy.

Overnight makeup can result in puffiness, rashes and can also trigger your troubled skin. The artificial colours and fragrances from the makeup can cause allergic reactions if kept on overnight. It can result in dull and lifeless looking skin and hence, cleaning your face before bed is crucial.

Here's Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea
Here's Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea

4. Dark Circles

We know you love your waterproof eye makeup. But, make sure to remove every sign of it as it can lead to under-eye bags. Be it your mascara, eyeliner or kajal, any makeup left on your eyes can cause irritation and lead to eye bags. 

Care for another bummer? Not removing makeup before bed can also make your eyelashes fall. The hair becomes brittle and sheds faster. 

The skin around the eyes is very vulnerable when it comes to the rest of the body. That’s why it is recommended to pamper your eye area the most. Use a hydrating eye cream to get instantly rid of puffiness and redness.

5. Premature Ageing

Here's Why Sleeping With Makeup On Is A Bad Idea

Yes, sleeping with makeup on gives the real, ‘I woke up like this’ vibes. However, it’s not such a great idea. Doing so will only speed up the aging process.  

Leftover makeup residue can cause a breakdown of the skin barrier. Sleeping with makeup on can also make your skin appear rough and old. Moreover, free radicals come in contact with your skin, hindering its recovery process, causing fine lines and wrinkles.

The best solution to the problem is to religiously follow a night skincare routine. You can also give a hydrating sheet mask a try. Spice up your skincare regime with SUGAR Cheat Sheet Anti-Aging Mask that’ll detoxify, cleanse, hydrate, vitalize & brighten your skin instantly.

Now that you know what keeping your makeup for prolonged hours can do to your skin, make a note to fix it. Now go to bed! 

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