Why Female Friendships Are So Important

by Swaroopa Deshmukh
Why Female Friendships Are So Important

Some of the strongest relationships in the world are female friendships and we tell you why!

There’s nothing as honest as female friendships and if you’ve been lucky enough, you’d know how it feels to always have your safety net. Given that, every relationship is important in its own right, but only this is the one where there is hardly any judgment and hell lot of empowerment. We’ve all had our best days with our girl gang and survived through the toughest lemons life threw at us with the very same girls. Whether you are single or have a steady partner, the kind of peace you feel with your girls is absolutely enigmatic. There are plenty of reasons for it including being alike, to facing similar obstacles as a woman everyday out in the world, to unimaginable triumphs and more; women understand women so much better. Some recent researches show that an average female has over 6 best friends in her lifetime and an average female friendship lasts a whopping 16 years! How? Honestly, it’s not a very surprising fact because in hindsight, these friendships go beyond mindless gossips, insta selfies and Sunday brunches. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons why female friendships are so important: 

Your Girls Help you Reduce Stress Levels

At any given circumstance, pouring your heart out to your girls results in 100% recovery. Essentially, this works because females respond to stress differently than men and propose immediate solutions, for they can empathize easily. Most men would gather around and engage in an activity or a sport as a stress buster, whereas we girls love to sit in a café across the table and let it out. ‘Talking about it’ makes us feel better and we feel we are not alone in this. Whether it is a boy issue or one related to our careers, your female friend is just a text away. A simple conversation can do wonders and how!

Women Understand Each Other in a Way Men Often Don’t

A lot of things that your partner or male friends will find not-so-normal are very much normal if discussed with female friends. It is true that male and female brains work differently and hence your abnormal to men is normal to your girlfriends. You won’t be judged and can come and have your feelings validated at any given point here. They will relate easily to you and can draw conclusions from their own personal experiences.

Female Friendships Are All About Honesty

We are familiar with the brutalities our female friends put us through when we are doing something that’s not right for us. A female voice is a voice of reason and they will make it clear to you whether you like it or not. They know what you need to hear and when you need to hear. Your girls will be honest with you and tell you when it is time to hold onto something and when to let go of it. They know when you need to just be heard and when you need real advice. New research suggests that our female friends know us better than our partners and surely most women can vouch for that.

These Friendships Help You Become Stronger

Women can not only empathize but also empower each other. They understand the struggles, the priorities and the hurdles of being a woman. The basis of most female friendships is this very bonding that makes them open up to each other and in return, be stronger and better each day. It’s an open space for being sensitive and vulnerable and in the longer run it helps you relate and understand each other better making you feel you’re not alone in this. This is where female solidarity comes in picture because it is not only about support but about being committed to your girls about struggles similar to yours.

Lastly, You Are Never Lonely!

Even if you have had the worst day ever, you know you have the safety net to fall back onto. From celebrating Galentine’s Day like Leslie Knope with her girls on Parks and Recreation to just lying down and ranting about not having a ‘pla’ like Phoebe to Monica and Rachel from Friends; these inspiring friendships are everywhere! Loneliness is not an option when you have great female friends.

So there you go! If you haven’t been in touch with your girl gang, make sure you hang out more often now.



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