Work From Home Look Ideas Inspired By Our A-Team

by Akruti

We asked our team members to share their chic and comfy looks!

We get it. Working from home has brought a combination of comfort (sweats, anyone?) and stress. As we struggle with the changed sense of normalcy, we try to feel calm and confident in our daily routine. While cosy PJs and cheerful T-shirts are still on the menu, we at SUGAR believe in cheering up the mood and feeling motivated all the time—which is why we asked our staff to share their looks that lift their spirits while working from home.

Needhi Dhoker

Work From Home Looks To Try

Red lipstick-check! My daily commute was sapping the glow off my face. Moreover, I used to love wearing different lipsticks to match my different outfits, but all my makeup tricks went under the radar thanks to the pandemic. Ever since I started working from home, I decided to go for cheerier makeup to distract myself from the daunting world outside. I started wearing bold lip shades to add some colour back to my life and routine, even at home. Think bold reds, fuchsia pink, subtle corals. As for my outfits, I often wear something relaxed yet zany to make sure it goes well with my makeup. My daily beauty ritual truly brings me joy, and it has become a big part of who I am.

– Assistant Manager, Copy

Ipsita Lekharu

I am Sagittarius, so when it comes to style, I am playful and all out there because in my book, there is no such thing as extra. All I need is a quirky liner and bold lip to keep me motivated and make working from home less gloomy. I’m more of a comfy T and shorts around the house kind of a girl, but neon always perks me right up, maybe because it somehow keeps me connected with the outside world.

– Digital Marketing Analyst

Easy Work From Home Looks To Try
Easy Work From Home Looks To Try

Kirrily Santos

Stressed, depressed, but well dressed! That’s a mantra I follow. Be it before the pandemic or now, looking presentable is something that I feel is super important, especially in a professional setting. Although in-person meets have been replaced with zoom calls, I make it a point to look dressed. Wearing high-waisted jeans or denim shorts while at home can be a tad bit daunting, but hey! It does make me feel super productive. This, paired with a solid tee or shirt, and I’m GTG. When it comes to makeup, of course, I’ll love going all out. A bold lip, blush, eyeliner, mascara and a dash of foundation – yes, it’s a lot of effort, but I love it. But if my manager calls an impromptu video-on meeting, at least I’m ready to SLAY!

– Senior Executive – Copy & Content

Akshay Babar

Track pants on office days? Well, I think it’s now legal! Every morning, I wake up self-determined to look presentable even though it’s a WFH. But thinking of the constant hustle of working through excel sheets and multiple notifications, I swim back to my bubble of comfort. And I like it! I ensure my ensembles have the perfect balance of comfort and style. When I see myself in the mirror, I usually take a selfie or two because it gives me a sense of consistency every day, which has been a blessing during this time. It’s also a good time to do some self-care at home. I let my skin rejuvenate with SUGAR’s Aquaholic Water Boost Mask. BTW, I never skimp on applying sunscreen and moisturizer even when I am indoors.

– Assistant Manager, Marketing

Easy Work From Home Looks To Try

Amrin Talib

Easy Work From Home Looks To Try

Even before WFH was a thing, you’d have to pry my super-soft PJs out of my hands. And when it did become a thing, no one was happier than me! I could lounge all day in my loose comfy tees on my sofa, skin makeup-free, petting my cat with one hand and typing away with the other. Hey, I don’t even put on my contacts – grandma glasses all day long! It has made me throw a lot of vanity out of the window and feel a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Who knew Covid could bring about such a self-affirming change?

– Sr. Writer – Copy

Aren’t these fantastic selfies enough to get you pumped for the upcoming Monday blues? Crawl out of your rut and dress up, because trust us, it’s worth it!

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