Want a Smooth, Safe Shave Every Time? Try These Tips

by Akruti
Want a Smooth, Safe Shave Every Time Try These Tips

Well, don’t know about you, but most people prefer shaving their hairy bodies at home rather than going to a salon for the painful sticky wax. Even though quarantine led us to give up shaving altogether, the arrival of vaccinations and summery dresses ushers in a desire to start fresh.

Although the silky, smooth after-shave skin is a treat to feel, few mishaps can be painful, itchy and uncomfortable. But long gone are the days of trauma while smoothing out bikini lines and evenly shaved legs. Try these tips for a smooth, safe and clean shave!

Few shaving tips for smooth skin at home

#Tip1: Take a warm shower first: Most people take a shower after shaving their bodies. It’s fair because you need to cleanse off the dirt and grime, but why are you leaving the opportunity to shower twice with your aromatic tropical shower gel. Meaning, you need to let your skin and hair be soaked in wet and warm water to make it soft. Taking a warm shower opens up the hair follicles and makes getting a close, clean shave easier.

#Tip2: Don’t skip on exfoliation: Exfoliating your skin before shaving is a crucial prepping step to eliminate dead skin cells that could gunk up your shaving tool. Use a body scrub and gently rub off all the dirt to get squeaky clean and smooth skin to shave.

#Tip3: Use a shaving cream: When it comes to shaving gels, foams or creams, none of them is admittedly part of your shaving routine. Shampoos and shower gels cannot substitute your shaving foam as they wipe out all the excess lubrication and abrade your skin leaving it irritated.

#Tip4: Don’t put pressure: Your instincts may tell you to push harder and get those tiny hair strands peeping out but don’t. Other than the high possibility of cuts, the harder you bear down, the more uneven your skin surface becomes.

#Tip5: Shave against the direction of hair growth: Many people get confused about shaving upward or downward. Well, it varies according to hair growth. It’s essential to only shave in the direction your hair grows, especially for people prone to bumps and redness. Going against the grain can make your skin prone to irritation, nicks and cuts.

#Tip6: Use a fresh razor: Its important to get rid of shaving razor after few uses, as it will have been exposed to bacteria. Regardless of a product label, only use blades once or twice. Use an electric razor or the one with several detachable blades. Also, don’t leave your razor chilling in the wet shower. The moisture not only rusts the edges but also increases the risk of bacterial and fungal infection.

How to take care of your skin after shaving?

#Tip1: Avoid alcohol-based body care products: If you want to lather a body mist or shimmers to flaunt those toned legs, don’t. These products might contain alcohol or artificial fragrances that can cause inflammation and redness.

#Tip2: Use hydrocortisone cream: Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, hydrocortisone cream reduces irritation and inflammation. Use it once or twice daily as directed by the doctor and discontinue the use in case of discomfort. Don’t rush. Maintain a smooth movement of your razors to avoid redness and scars.

#Tip3: Use natural antiseptics: Natural antiseptics like olive oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, turmeric, and more calms the razor bumps, reduces redness and avoids allergies. Simply apply it to the affected areas and let it rest.

#Tip4: Lather a sunscreen: Use an SPF 30 or more sunblock on your freshly shaved skin and protect it from harmful UV exposure. Even if you don’t shave, you should protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.

#Tip 5: Clean your razor: After every shave, make sure to sanitize the blade of your razor. Use an antiseptic tonic or hot water to wipe out all the residue and germs. This shields the razor blades from attracting germs which can further cause skin allergies. If your razor looks rusty, toss it out.

#Tip5: Finish off with a hydrating moisturizer: Moisturizer both before and after shaving can give you smooth, hydrated and non-prickly skin.

Note: To avoid nicks and cuts, always use a fresh blade. Toss it out after 5-7 shaves and make sure to moisturize with oil.

A quick round-up of expert tips for a longer lasting shave!

Wait no longer and try these easy tips for a smooth, safe and clean shave. Flaunt your summer beach dress and grab all the attention you deserve.

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