5 Tips To Avoid A Cakey Foundation Look

by Akruti
Tips to avoid Cakey Foundation Look

If you are a makeup junkie or a newbie, you can indeed foresee a cakey makeup far from the crowd—the cracky lines, the patchy textured skin and accentuated fine lines that look more intense than they really are. A smooth, flawless base is something every individual strives for. If you haven’t experienced this dreadful incident ever, cake-face is a look when you use many base products and sideline the power of blending, resulting in a thick, overdone look. No, full coverage foundation is not the culprit here—it’s often how you apply the foundation and team it up with other makeup products that define your final look. 

TBH. Cakey makeup is not because you’ve used too many products, it’s caused due to using too much of the product. See the difference? So, let’s target the elephant in the room and fix that cakey foundation.

Say no to uneven, splotchy makeup and invite flawless face with these tips:

Tip 1: Use a makeup sponge for flawless look

There is no doubt that foundation brushes can give you a seamless finish, but if you are a beginner or need a second-skin-like makeup, you’ve got to try a makeup sponge, a.k.a beauty blender. A damp sponge will absorb all the excess foundation and leave behind a trail of thin, even skin tone. You can quickly get full coverage with these little foam balls without making your skin look flaky and textured.

Tip 2: Always prep up your skin

Ensuring your skin is hydrated and prepped up properly will make it easier to achieve a natural finish—but better. Primer not only makes your makeup last longer but also enables the foundation to glide on your skin smoothly, giving a fresh look all night long. If you have enlarged pores, use the SUGAR Base Of Glory Pore Minimizing Primer to get a satiny-smooth base and avoid the product getting trapped. Hydrating primers create a barrier between skin and makeup, so if you have oily skin, it will protect your makeup from melting.

Tip 4: Moisturize your skin well

Cake face is the worst nightmare for dry skin people because no matter how much they moisturize or prime up the skin, the flakes are still there. To keep a distance from muddy looking bronzer and chalky looking foundation, add oil to your routine. Simply take a few drops of face oil onto the back of your hand, stamp your blending tool in it and lightly stipple it on the dry part of your face. This trick will provide extra hydration to the skin and let other makeup products blend easily.

Tip 3: Set it all with a loose powder

Most makeup beginners’ biggest mistake is not setting their makeup. Be it a regular powder or an oil-controlling banana powder, pressing into your oily T-zone will take your makeup to an extra notch. Dry skin people make sure to apply powder only on the areas that have been concealed or are likely to be creased, for example, the corner of the nose, under the eyes and more. Wondering how to bake your face? Find out here.

Tip 5: Set the look

Raise your hand if you ever thought that makeup setting spray is a waste of money? Wrong, once you layer your face with many makeup essentials, your face turns out to be a powdered donut. Setting sprays will not only keep your makeup under lockdown but also take away any powdery residue and set everything, revealing a more natural finish. 

ips to avoid Cakey Foundation Look

Now that you know how to fix your not-so-good cakey makeup let’s see what could be stopping you from getting that flawless base.

  • You don’t hydrate your skin properly: It’s a no-brainer that your skin needs hydration. A rich moisturizer after cleansing and before applying makeup will keep your skin intact and healthy. It’s a habit that should be a part of your year-round routine to maintain supple, soft skin. 
  • Choose the wrong formula: Always pay attention to the makeup formula you are using, and when it comes to the foundation, it’s the key. If you have an oily complexion, using a mattifying foundation or oil-free foundation will do the trick. However, opt for a creamy foundation to ensure your skin stays moisturized if you have dry skin. 
  • Using the wrong shade of the foundation: One of the biggest reasons your makeup looks unnatural is because your foundation shade is too light or too dark. The skin tone needs to match with your makeup to look flawless and glowing all over. Pick a shade that completely melds into your skin. Find out your foundation shade with a click
  • Using too much of product: The annoying trait of caked makeup is when the foundation settles into your fine lines, revealing full-blown wrinkles. People usually use more makeup to cover them, but you actually want to do the opposite. Remember, less is more! Always start with a small amount of product and build as desired. Focus more on the areas that have discolouration to maintain your skin’s even tone. Don’t forget to blend, blend and then blend again.

Great, right? Forget about the razor-sharp eyeliner flick or mastering the art of chiseled cheekbones. The most crucial part of any makeup is the foundation.

Achieve a seamless and natural-looking base with these tips and slay all night long!

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