Time to Flaunt the Buzziest Neons with our Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner

by Kirrily Santos
Try the SUGAR Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner shades

Here to take you from Plain Jane to all-out glam are these six vibrant AF liquid eyeliners!

Raise your hand if you ever come across someone wearing a bright-yellow cat-eye look and said “OMG! that’s so pretty,” then promptly went and bought the same black eyeliner you’ve been wearing since forever. Been there, done that. Now it’s time to say goodbye to old-school and hello to the new era of vivid, bold and alluring liners with our SUGAR Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner range.

From the runway to the red carpet, everyone’s ditching the smokey eye effect (that BTW is so 2016) and are opting for coloured eyeliners. And while you were busy doing that, SUGAR just dropped six electrifying liquid eyeliners shades that will surely, without  a doubt, become the star of your vanity kit!

Swipe on some colour, play with hues, experiment with graphic patterns and when in doubt – just wing it! Do it all and more with these highly-pigmented matte finish liquid eyeliner shades that let your pretty peepers do all the talking. So, without further ado, here a quick read about our Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliners.

Try the Long-wear Formula

Apart from redefining glamour, these six scintillating shades of liquid eyeliners boast of another great feature that make them a must-have – the FORMULA. These shades come in a highly-pigmented matte finish, which are long-lasting, smudge-proof and incredibly opaque. The formula is packed with intense concentrated pigments, which stay-on for up to an incredible 8 hours, dries quickly and won’t fade or transfer until you say when. It is the perfect way to bask in your artistic masterpiece all day long sporting stunning graphic eyeliner looks. Apart from this, this range of eyeliners with amazing formula and texture let’s you create looks that truly standout.

Additionally, these vegan and cruelty-free liquid eyeliners are also water-resistant whilst going above and beyond to deliver an intense colour payoff and a long-lasting pop of vivid hue. They also glide on with ease and leave behind a matte finish that doesn’t budge, come rain or shine! All of this and much more is sure to make you go ga-ga over them already.

Dive into a Pool of Vivid Hues

Trust us when we say this, we don’t have any grudge over black or brown eyeliners, but when you have such attractive shades right in front of you, one can only hope to let the old-school go. So, with an aim to let your imagination run free and wild, we’ve introduced six eye-popping shades in our Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner range to match every occasion or look you can think of.

If you’re looking to bring out your inner flower child, our Pink Sphinx, which is a bright pink matte shade, will be your perfect companion. This bold and interesting choice will have you taking YOLO seriously and guarantee head turning reactions you were hoping for.

Ready to channel your inner summer goddess? Look no further than our Orange Honey, which is a bright orange shade, that’ll be just perfect to amp up your lids, especially if you’re going for a glamourous day look.

types of liquid eyeliner shades

If you’re the one with sass and can’t get enough of pastel hues, then our Lilac Dream, which is a lovely pastel lavender, will be your companion for both date nights and girly soirees.

Screaming summer! Be your summery best as you nail the pastel trend with our Yellow Bird, which is a pastel yellow shade, that is sure to brighten any look.

Strut down the street with a green wing and let haters go green with envy with our Green Ray that is a mint green shade that is sure to give you that “straight off the runway” look!

Bring in the heat as you embrace the power of white with our White Heat, a bright white shade, perfect for saying no to mundane and yes to all the finer things in life.

Smooth Sailing Application

To ensure nothing stands between your creative vision, each of these six liquid eyeliner shades come designed with an easy to use felt tip brush that makes ‘one stroke application’ more than just a promise. It’s small enough to have you draw or outline little details or layered lines for a dramatic eye makeup look. Moreover, with the formula being smooth in consistency, it makes it very easy to glide across your eyelids or anywhere else you plan to use it whilst delivering a rich pop of hue every single time.

different liquid eyeliner shades

What More?

So, while you take in all of the amazing things you read about our Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliners, we also would like to talk about its classic packaging. They come in excellent and durable tubes that are easy to hold and offer a great hand feel while the top screws-off to give access to the easy to use applicator brush effortlessly. And what makes them even more charming is its travel-friendly size body that allows you to store them in your handbag, makeup pouch, sling bag or even your wallet! We’re sure you’ve already been floored with how amazing these vivid eyeliners are and have already made up your mind which shade will you choose.

So, while you make these eye-popping, fabulous and electrifying shades yours, don’t forget to let us know, which one is your favourite and the different eye makeup looks you use them for!

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