Things You Need More Than Finding A Life Partner Right Now

by Swaroopa D
Things You Need More Than Finding A Life Partner Right Now

It’s common for women to hear all sorts of unsolicited views on marriage and settling down, and I’m sure each one of us has been on the receiving end some or the other time. Society has put settling down on such a high pedestal for centuries now that if you haven’t done it on time, it somehow feels like you’ve not only let your parents down but also your own self. Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it used to be, and today women can do so much more before finally planning to settle down at their own pace. This is the time when you can be your real authentic and unapologetic self and it’s so so important to make the most of it. Eventually whether you decide to settle down or not, these mindful things that you’d do now at this age will only come handy in setting stage for a peaceful and a content conscious life. 

Here are some of the things we feel are absolutely important to focus on than finding yourself a life partner right now. Scroll through…

Rock-solid friendships

Friendships go a long way and if you’ve had a handful of people you can rely on, you’d know what we’re talking about. This is the time to connect with new people and reconnect with old ones too to have a solid base of friends who you can have fun with as well as be there for each other. It’s not vital to have a huge group of friends, but even a few who really share mutual respect and love are good enough. By now, you should focus on the quality of your friendships and not the quantity. Especially female friendships because other women can connect with you better on so many levels. So go on dates with your friends, do staycations you’ve always wanted and take that trip you’ve been holding up for long. You don’t have to wait for a partner to do all of this, friends are just fine, or even better to do all the crazy stuff with!

A career you love

This is the time you can work hard on your dreams, switch careers to what you always wanted to do or simply have a career path you are excited about every single day. Life is too short to suffer over what we do every day of our life and so our work should make us feel content. It’s not only about earning a living but also spending 5 to 6 days of your week doing that thing. Remember how excited Emily was from ‘Emily in Paris’ about everything she did for her marketing firm? Find that passion and joy for whatever you choose and make the most of it. Later when you turn back, you won’t regret chances you didn’t take.

Financial independence

We can’t stress enough on how important this is! With having a career you love, a sense of satisfaction that paying your own bills brings in is indescribable. To be able to pay for everything you need is a life skill and it will make you the happiest to not depend on anyone for this thing in particular. Even if you have family money, the power of your own earning cannot be matched with anything. With this, also make sure you use your money wisely. Paying bills and Friday nights shouldn’t be the only few ways you spend your income, spare some cash and invest or save. Your future self will thank you for having your own back covered in times of unexpected circumstances.

Happiness outside of a relationship

Super important fact – If you are not ready to love your own self and find happiness in your being, no one else will. It’s super easy for people to see through your insecurities even if you can hide it from time to time. When you are truly happy, you are exhibiting a whole lot of optimistic vibe and have an aura that is addictive. If you keep waiting for the right person to come along and neglect other things, you really aren’t ready to be with them either. Being emotionally independent is a skill not very easy to master, most of us are sheltered growing up and we expect to be taken care of emotionally even later in life. But when you separate your happiness from a relationship or a marriage, true magic happens. You are so content with yourself that even if someday someone walks into your life, you can easily accommodate them without having to dump your own baggage on their shoulders. It’s self-reliance that makes you ready to survive incase or in spite of a relationship or marriage.

Fitness and self-care

Now we don’t have to mention the importance of being healthy and fit, we’ve seen and survived the 2020 pandemic and know how important it is to treat your body right. You don’t necessarily need to have a hardcore workout routine if you can’t, but make sure you are always moving and eating right whenever possible. It will not only keep you fit but also happy. With this, make sure you are indulging in self-care every now and then. Whether it means brunching with the girls, following a skincare routine, having a hobby or just watching random movies alone on your day off, whatever sails your boat. If you invest this time in your mind, body and soul, it will only help you navigate through your present and future life smoothly.

Wrapping up with these truth bombs, let us know how many of these are you focusing on right now in the comments section below.



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