The Power of Contouring: A Makeup Guide For Beginners

by Akruti
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Do you also fancy Kim Kardashian’s perfectly accentuated makeup? The exquisite use of bronzers, highlighters and more makes you wonder going back to the basics of beauty history lessons. We understand your pain. Although how arduous it might sound, creating a perfectly defined face isn’t that hard. 

Contour has been part of the makeup essentials for decades. Originating from a drag community, the male performers learned ‘how to contour or accentuate their faces with makeup. In these last few years, the mainstream beauty industry has accepted the power of contouring so everyone can have a slender look in their everyday life.   

Before we jump right into “how to get that sleek and toned face”, let’s understand the purpose of the contour for newbies.

What is Contouring?

Contouring is a makeup technique that allows you to define or recede a particular area of your body to create a sharper, higher or more accentuated look. Many millennials are muddled between bronzer and contour. Unlike other makeup products, contour is like an illusion of a shadow and is solely designed to deepen the angles of your face, so it pops. However, bronzing is warming up the skin and creating a space on your face where the sun would naturally hit. When it comes to the process of ‘how to contour your face, neck or breast, the initial and prominent feature is to select the shade. Several makeup professionals advise you to choose a shade darker than your foundation or two to three shades darker than your complexion.

Difference between contour and bronzer

Which is Better: Cream or Powder Contour?

Honestly, it’s a personal choice. Although cream contour lasts for a longer period of time, it can appear more vibrant. The best thing about cream is it sits like a dream on your skin and gives a natural definition. The key is to blend. If you have time, try powder contour as it is more subtle and easy to work on.

SUGAR's Makeup Guide to Contouring

If you want to master the technique to contour, follow these simple steps —

There are few products you might need to achieve the super chiseled look. Your special kit should embrace your go-to skincare and foundation, a bronzer (two shades darker than your skin tone), concealer and a setting powder. While picking the right contour makeup, go through your personal preference. Invest according to your skin type and texture. Translation: If your makeup sits on your fine lines or your skin tends to get patchy, go for a creamy contour. Stuck in a puddle? Keep your blind trust in SUGAR Face FWD >> Contour Stick that adds definition and sun-kissed glow to your skin.

So How to Contour Your Face?

Step 1. Study your Face: The prime factor that defines your face curves is contouring according to your face structure. You need to ensure the areas to highlight, tone or define beforehand. 

Step 2: Work on Base Makeup: Start by prepping your face with primer or moisturizer. This will help your base to stick around longer. Follow up with color correcting your face to hide blemishes and marks and later put on a light foundation coat. Press the product into your skin with a damp beauty blender or a brush.

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Places to apply highlighter and contour on face

Step 3: Highlight and Contour: Pick the contour palette appropriate to your shade and accentuate the desired areas of your face. Follow the shadows of your face structure. 

  • Add definition to your jaw by contouring beneath the edges of your jawbone. 
  • For chiseled cheeks and pointy nose, blend the contour beneath the edges of cheekbones and sides of the nose
  • For the hairline, sweep the product over the hairline to build up colour. Go back and forth with your brush for smooth blending. Follow a similar process with the temples
  • Find your light with the help of a concealer. Dab a small amount of the product on the high points like the nose and center of your forehead to make it shine
  • Start applying your highlighter to the areas you want to draw attention to. Ensure to avoid the areas with open pores and blemishes as it can put them in the spotlight. For convenience, try SUGAR’s Contour De Force Face Palette that comes in a power-packed trio of matte bronzer, a radiant highlighter and a dreamy blush

Note: Make sure to blend each product nicely and patiently. This will give your skin a natural and smooth look. 

Step 4: Set your Face: When you are all done with all your sexy sculpting makeup, make sure to set your face with setting powder or spray. It will seal the look and give you a dewy finish.

How to contour face
Before and After Face Contouring
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