The Perfect Eyeliner Style to Suit Your Eye Shape

by Nida S
Winged eyeliner for every eye shape

Perfecting the winged eyeliner look isn’t easy, but we’re here to help you!

Looks like a sleek line across the lids, but it’s much more than that. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, no matter how hard one tries to ace the classic winged look, there are always some unavoidable makeup mishaps. Some days they soar too high or go too low and drag your whole face down. But the worst of all, some days they’re just plain unflattering. Which led us to think – how does one eyeliner style look so different every time it’s attempted? The answer is in your eyes. No, seriously, the answer is your eye shape. Taking a good look at your eyes and understanding your eye shape will help you determine how thick or thin your liner needs to be. If you’ve also watched countless eyeliner tutorials and tried to replicate a winged eyeliner look of your favourite celebrity (yes, we’ve all tried to recreate Ariana Grande’s fabulous, enviable wings) but been disappointed, we’ll teach you how to nail the evergreen winged eyeliner every time!

When it comes to eye shapes, these are six common shapes to consider: Almond eyes, monolids, hooded eyes, round eyes, downturned eyes and upturned eyes. Consider this as a handy guide that’ll help you find wings that will flatter your eye shape. Let’s dive in ‘cuz we’re breaking down every eye shape, telling you how to identify your eye shape and finally, helping you to rock a winged eyeliner that’s tailored just for you.

Hooded Eyes

When you have hooded eyes, your crease is not visible when you look straight. Famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence have hooded eyes and it’s a common eye shape. Eyeliner can be tricky for hooded eyes, especially since there’s barely enough space to work with and you are more prone to smudges and transfers. To make sure the liner isn’t concealed by your lid, create the wing tip where the lid’s hood starts. Work your way inward, applying your liner in thin strokes and widening in the centre. With this eye shape, we recommend adding a bit of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes to create the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes and give your eyelids more dimension.

Pro tip: Don’t highlight your brow bone with a lighter eyeshadow. This will only make your eyes look more hooded and sunken.

Winged eyeliner tips for hooded eyes

Round Eyes

If you don’t know what round eyes are, think of every Disney princess. If you think you have round eyes but you’re unsure about your eye shape, we’ll help you understand it better. Look straight in the mirror and notice your iris. If you see the whites of your eyes on the top and bottom of your iris, you have rounded eyes. The crease of your eyes will also be very prominent when you look straight. A few celebrities with round eyes are, Ashley Olsen, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel (any surprise here?). When drawing wings for round eyes, the goal is to make them look elongated and pulled out. Start with drawing a small triangle at the outer corners of your eyes, starting at the end of your bottom lash line and going towards the end of your brow. Draw a thin line on the top lash line and connect it to the triangle. Keep the line thinner towards the inner corners and make sure your line gets gradually thick as it approaches the outer corner to help your eyes look wider.

Winged eyeliner tips for round eyes

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Almond Eyes

As the name suggests, almond eyes look like, well, almonds! This shape is tapered towards the inner and outer corners. Contrary to round eyes, the whites of the eye are not visible at the top and bottom. Almond shape is the oval face of the eyes, if you will. Just like the oval face is considered to be the ideal shape, almond eyes are considered to be the perfect shape. Notable celebrities with almond eyes are Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis and Beyoncé. If you have almond eyes, you can play around and try any eyeliner style. Just follow your bottom lash line and extend a line towards the tail of your brows. If you want to make your eyes look rounder, keep the liner thicker on the centre of the lids.

Winged eyeliner tips for almond eyes

Deep-set Eyes

This eye shape is often confused with hooded eyes. But unlike hooded eyes, the crease in deep-set eyes is visible when looking straight. This shape allows you to get creative as it provides you with ample lid space. Cameron Diaz and Christina Ricci are great examples of deep-set eyes. For this kind of eye shape, it is advised to keep the wing rather straight. Instead of flicking it up towards the end of your eyebrow like every other wing, try to drag it straight out. Make sure your liner is not going down or this will make your eyes look droopy and tired. Go straight out but if you want to flick your wing upwards, keep it very soft.

Winged eyeliner tips for deep set eyes


Monolid is a fold on the eyelid that makes it look like the eyes have no crease hence the name, “mono” lid. Similar to hooded eyes, a lot of people complain about how a monolid shape completely swallows eyeliner. But just like other shapes, you just need to find out the best for you. For a monolid, you need to keep your eyeliner thicker in the centre and sharper at the end. Try keeping the line across your lash line thicker because once you’re relaxed and look straight, your eye shape is going to make the liner look much thinner. So, go thick with the liner in the centre and keep it sharp as you reach the outer corners. Similar to deep-set eyes, you want to try and keep your wing on the flatter side. Lana Condor, Sandra Oh and Lucy Liu are great examples of monolids. You can try studying their red carpet looks with winged eyeliner to get a better idea.

Winged eyeliner tips and hacks for monolids

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are similar to almond eyes but the outer corners of the eyes are pulled upwards. In this shape, the outer corner is higher than the inner corner of the eye. Our all-time favourite, Rihanna has fabulous upturned eyes. This eye shape naturally has a cat-eye look and doesn’t need sharp wings to look snatched and pulled back. However, this shape lacks the symmetry of almond eyes. The best wing for this shape is a smoked out, sultry wing. Apply a kohl or gel eyeliner across your top lash line, following your natural shape and smudge it. You can do the same on the bottom and don’t worry if you end up going too heavy on the bottom as it won’t drag your eyes down.

Winged eyeliner tips for upturned eyes

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Downturned Eyes

Contrary to upturned eyes (duh), the outer corner of downturned eyes is lower than the inner corner when looking straight. The goal here is to bring it up to the same level or make the outer corner look higher for the cat-eye look. Create a wing starting just at the end of your top lash line and smoke out the outer corners a little. For this, you need to keep the bottom lash line minimal with neutral shades or absolutely nude. Curling your lashes will add to the illusion of almond eyes along with the winged eyeliner.

Winged eyeliner tips for downturned eyes

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Choose the sexiest winged eyeliner look that suits your eye shape or try them all. Play up and enhance your eyes the right way!

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