The perfect brown lipstick according to your coffee choice

by Kirrily S
Find Your Perfect Brown Lip Colour Based on Your Coffee Order

The 90’s are back with a love affair for caffeine!

Brown lipsticks were everywhere back in the 90s. We all remember the iconic “Rachel Green” look that could range from a nude brown to a grungy brown, each equally gorgeous. And now, the internet is back at it, going gaga over brown lipsticks (thanks to Kylie Jenner who brought it back in the mid-2010s). And honestly, we’re here for it! Brown lipsticks add a touch of sophistication to every makeup look, go well with every look and flatter every single skin tone. If you’re looking for a nice brown lipstick to flaunt, we’ll tell you which one to pick. But this time, instead of going with your skin tone, we’re taking a fun route and suggesting lippies based on your coffee choices. So go ahead, pick your favourite type of lipstick and shop your lipstick on your way out.


One of the most loved coffee is cappuccino for all the right reasons. The perfect amount of caffeine, milk and foam is undefeatable on a rainy day. If this your choice for a cup of coffee, our pick for you is the Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – 08 Jackie Brown. It’s got a hint of pink that adds to the delicacy of this simple yet striking shade.

Find Your Perfect Brown Lip Colour Based on Your Coffee Order 2


If you love a big cup of Mocha, you’re probably young at heart. With a hint of chocolate, this drink is like a warm hug after a rough day. For the fun and lively ones, we recommend Mettle Satin Lipstick – 08 Eugenie. A fabulous brown with a pinch of grey to give it an off-beat hue.

Espresso Con Panna

This coffee order, Espresso Con Panna is business mixed with fun. It’s got the caffeine punch we all love with a sweet treat, layered on top of the drink. For our Con Panna lovers, we recommend the Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – 19 Emma Woodhouse (Earthy Brown). A perfect neutral brown that can be worn daily with a no-makeup makeup look and with sizzling, smokey eyeshadow look to balance everything out.

Find Your Perfect Brown Lip Colour Based on Your Coffee Order 3


If this doesn’t scream wake me up then what does? An Affogato combines the yumminess of everyone’s favourite dessert, ice cream, and the power of caffeine. This drink is for the ones who make the party fun. And to match their fun persona, we recommend a shiny, brown lip gloss. Time To Shine Lip Gloss – 09 Teaker Bell (Walnut Brown). It’s a rich, chocolate brown lip gloss that’s fun and pack pigment.


Smooth, full of flavour and something nobody can refuse. A Latte is a caffeine masterpiece that is so simplistic yet so striking. The lipstick version of Latte has to be our Mettle Liquid Lipstick – 03 Estella (Neutral Pinky Brown). It’s an elegant shade with mauve-pink brown hues that flatter every skin tone.


Straight to business! One of the strongest coffee drink is sure to wake you up in no time. Perfect for times when your “due date” and “do date” ends up being the same. Something just as powerful as this drink is our Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick – 05 Tan Halen (Chocolate Brown). A tempting deep brown shade that would make you want to gobble is whole. This is the one for espresso lover.


Nothing beats a fresh cup of Americano, early in the morning. It instantly buzzes you out of sleep (something we all need for 9 am meetings!). Something just as refreshing and energising as a tall cup of Americano is Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick – 26 Vianne Rocher (Deep Chocolate Brown). Another dark brown shade that is a must-have!

Find Your Perfect Brown Lip Colour Based on Your Coffee Order 7
Find Your Perfect Brown Lip Colour Based on Your Coffee Order 8


Making coffee healthier. An Espresso Romano is espresso coffee with a slice of lemon or lemon juice along with sugar according to your liking. The ideal drink for a rainy, foggy day to relax by your window. To a lot of people, this drink comes off extremely unpredictable. And hence, our pick for this coffee order is Smudge Me Not Lip Duo – 14 Teak Mystique (Warm Brown). A matte lipstick with gloss on the other end to switch it up in no time.

What’s your coffee order? Comment below!

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