The Biggest Fall Hair Colour Trends of 2021

by Akruti
Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try

As the cool wind dances on your skin and you glance through the shifting of the leaves amidst the smell of pumpkin spice that fills in your senses, it’s obvious to say—the Fall has arrived. While you stock up on your cosy sweaters and sexy boots, it’s also the time to say goodbye to your summer hair. While last year’s hair colours were natural, subtle and low maintenance (and why not, who can forget the pandemic!), 2021 hair colour trends are all about fun and drama because why the hell not. We’ve uncovered some hottest fall hair colours that’ll give you major red carpet vibes. We’re sure you will find something you like to slay the 2021 #hairgoals.

Chestnut Brown

If you love low maintenance hair colours, chestnut brown hue hair should definitely be on your radar. The perfect balance between low-maintenance blonde and gorgeous chocolate brown and red tones, this hair colour adds a fantastic amount of dimension and lightens your complexion. Perfect for the Fall season, light chestnut brown highlights look stunning on brown skin. All you need is foxy eye makeup and nude lips to sum it up.

Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try
Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try

Glossy Black

Step away from brunettes and copper hues and opt for this power colour that gets all the place for control and glamour. Steal every glance with this inky black hair colour with a glossy warm glaze that goes equally well with warm and cool skin tones. Going a few shades darker adds the perfect amount of oomph and reinvention we crave as the cool, wintery breeze welcomes us. Give an extra dimension to your curly, coily or straight textured hair by adding some delicate ash brown highlights if you want to jazz up your look. Make sure to keep up with your regular hair glosses. Level up your glam quotient with a red pout. Use a highly pigmented, smudge proof lipstick to ace the look.

Brunette Balayage

Try the magical warm caramel hair colour for an edgy yet subtle look. The dark brown hued roots fade seamlessly to the end with a kiss of gold that’ll effortlessly level up your hair game. Brunette balayage with multi-tonal hues will give your hair a lot of dimension and the perfect pop with a subtle sun-kissed look that works brilliantly for dark-skinned beauties. Flaunted by Queen Bey herself, brunette balayage teamed with a smokey eye and a nude lip is all you need when it comes to slaying.

Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try
Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try

Warm Cinnamon

No matter what, some things never change—Fall and cinnamon go hand in hand. The warm, reddish-brown hue provides depth and dimension to any style, plus it looks great on every skin tone. It creates a perfect balance of warmth and depth with an eye-catching vibrancy that gives you a natural effect—as if you were born with it. The fiery bright ends pop extra bright wherever the light hits. It bodes well for those who like earthy tones both in their makeup or closet. Take inspiration from RiRi’s long cascading waves to steal the show.

Rich Chocolate Brown

While red-toned brunettes are synonymous with autumn hairstyles, a cooler, sheened alternative is worth considering. The smooth transition from a dark brunette to cool cinnamon-y brown gives an aesthetic appeal to your nude makeup. The mix of golden and copper tones mimics the rich, velvety goodness of dark chocolate. To get that shiny look, invest in an excellent hair gloss that’ll keep the brassiness at bay and give you that luscious brown hair your friends will be copying till the end of time.

Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try
Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try

Cool Blonde Highlights

Natural blonde hair is gorgeous on its own, but trust us, it’s super easy to mimic even if you have dark undertones. So, if you are ready to remodel your hair without going all the way, try out some subtle swirls of highlights that’ll catch the light like gold. The coolness of this shade works well with a fair to medium toned complexion as it balances out any redness and lightens your base. Focus on face-framing highlights while going a little softer on end and keep the base colour close to natural.

True Blonde

Emulate Gigi’s statuesque and gorgeous hair perfectly synced with medium brown base roots and bright highlights. The mix between blonde and brown does not take a lot to upkeep and compliments people who are naturally dark to medium undertone. This unique golden hue adds a warm texture to your dull hair, and the shadow at the roots makes the colour look natural. To achieve a beautiful blonde, find a formula with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, as the process to achieve this colour can be drying and damaging.

Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try
Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try

Honey Brown Highlights

JLo’s captivating honey brown highlights surely deserves a spot on this list. The multidimensional colour with the blend of honey and light brown tones works magically on creamy and golden skin undertones. The warm-toned shade adds depth to your face and complements your natural skin tone making it bright and illuminating. The real secret behind this trendy hair colour is a lot of maintenance— from touch-ups to gloss. This colour works on any texture but make a note to keep your hair healthy and nourished, especially if yours is on the drier side. Add some warmth to your face too. Sculpt your face (just like JLo’s) with a smooth, lightweight bronzer.

Deep Red Velvet

While bright and bold hair colours have gathered huge popularity past year, no other colour can complement Indian skin tone better than red. You don’t need a ginger gene to emulate Zendaya’s voluminous hair. Freshen up your standard brown hair with this rich red velvet hair colour. It adds shine, texture and works beautifully on medium to brown skin tones — especially when this subtle hue adds volume and dimension towards the end. You do have to rely on reparative and hydrating hair care products, but friends, it’s totally worth it.

Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try
Trendy Fall Hair Colours To Try

Subtle Ombré

Ombré hair trend shows no scope of slowing down in the hair colour world. Whether you are looking for a stark transition or subtle makeover, cool-toned brunette ombré or honey brown melt hue on darker roots is perfect for all seasons. If you are a low-maintenance person, take the page out of the PC’s hair colour and add a pinch of ombré to create a head-turner style just like her.

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