Stress-me-not! Quick fixes to help you de-stress after a long day

by Nishtha K

Finding it difficult to cut away and relax? We’ve got just the tips you need for stress relief!

Let’s face it. The world is kinda crazy and striking a balance between work, life, friendships and everything in between is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done. And even if you do manage to hit that equilibrium, it’s the most exhausting thing you’ve ever done.

To that, we say, be kind to yourself. Slow down, take a breather, and – more importantly – love yourself! It’s hard to be able to give everything to your loved ones and work when you’re unable to do that for yourself.

“But who has the time?” you argue? Fret not, we say! Destressing doesn’t necessarily mean jetting off to an unknown destination with your phone on flight mode for a couple of weeks (though we would recommend this once in a while too!) It’s as easy a process as taking some time out for self-love. The only catch is that you must try and do this on the regular. Deal? Let’s get started!

Breathe in/out

Meditation has been sure-shot, proven ways of destressing and unwinding for centuries now. Even studies have backed up the fact that taking a pause to gather your thoughts and meditate – with a purpose – not just lowers your stress levels, it also works wonders for stabilising your blood pressure, and helps you tackle pressure situations better after regular practice.

Alongside meditation, you can add steps that can enhance the effect of this practice. Have a cup of green tea before or after you meditate, and have its antioxidant effects wash over you. You can also choose to take a hot, immersive bath that will open up your pores and relax you, after your meditation session too. This is some serious ‘me time’, and the changes should be palpable quite quickly. You’ll even be able to sleep better!

This is Spa-ta!

From Ayurvedic to Swedish, Thai and Balinese, spa treatments and massages have been developed over centuries to help alleviate stress, pain, and help with relaxation. When you feel the stress of work and daily life take over you, try to make a monthly appointment at your favourite spa to get a treatment or even a massage.

Believe it or not, when you’re stressed, muscles in your body, especially the ones in your back, neck, and shoulders tend to tighten, often leading to pain. Checking into a spa usually helps open up those knots, which then help you with your stress. Don’t have time for an elaborate, extensive treatment? Simply go in for a pedicure and manicure. It’s a quick-fix treatment that will have you feeling a lot more relaxed walking out than you did walking in.

UnMask it

Now, there are times where you need a quick lift-me-up but your spa appointment is a long time to go. So, what do you do? SUGAR’s got a quick fix – a fix you should consider making a part of your routine. Say hello to our Face Mask range that’s always within reach.

From detoxifying to cleansing, smoothening to hydration, sheet masks can serve a multitude of purposes that enrich your skin. But most importantly, it also gives us time to step away from the grime and hullaballoo of daily life and relax while our skin is re-energised. So, who’s ready for a glow up?

Essentially yours

Want a long-term fix for stress relief? Make essential oils your best friend! Quite like the massages and meditation on our list, aromatherapy too has been centuries in the making, to get to where it is. The idea is that inhalation and application of these fragrant, concentrated extracts, can work on the part of your brain that deals with heightened emotions.

Now, this needs a bit of research to find an essential oil for your precise issues. For example, lavender essential oil can help with relaxation and nervous system restoration. It’s also great for sleep, and is usually helpful with insomnia. Bergamot, in addition to relaxation, works great to improve appetite. Jasmine, on the other hand, helps clear the respiratory system. These essential oils can be used on your wrists or the back of your ears – careful with the amount! – on your pillow or even for a relaxing bath!

Find your groove

Finally, your go-to for stress relief should boil down simply to what helps you. While some may find solace in reading, some enjoy cooking, or even Mary Kondo-ing their spaces. A lot of people enjoy using makeup as a relaxation tool (and we approve!) The sky’s the limit with this one.

The point is that you need to find your very own stress buster, when the going gets tough. Remember, for anything to help you destress, you need to be comfortable in what you’re doing. Feel free to drop activities midway if they don’t seem to be working for you in the moment.

Repeat for as many times as you need, because this is exactly what the doctor has ordered! Breathe in, breathe out, and set the world alight!
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