Spray And Slay! Top Setting Mist Hacks That’ll Change Your Makeup Game

by Akruti
Top Setting Spray Hack You Need To Know

 Set it and forget it! Trust us and you’ll never break a sweat over your glam again.

Whether it’s a complete glam look for a happy hour with friends or a special date night with your partner, there will be times when makeup touch-ups aren’t likely possible. Welcome to the land of setting sprays. This quick mist will melt all your makeup worries. If you are wondering, does makeup spray really work or is it just a gimmick, producing lies to attract customers. Well, this beautiful miracle not just helps makeup stay put but also combats excess oil, soothes skin and gives a hydration boost to your carefully applied makeup. If you are guilty of ignoring this crucial step of your routine, it’s time to change that.

Stock up on setting sprays because the geniuses of the hack-cult are back with inventive approaches to beauty. Setting spray hacks are one of the many beauty hacks reigning the world right now— especially because this belle will guarantee a flawlessly base, long-lasting makeup, and budge-proof life.

Setting Spray Hack#1: Re-organize your Base Routine

It’s natural for people to get used to the orderly things in life (for example, creating a sandwich). Similarly, we have accepted that setting spray makeup comes after the base, not before? This viral hack smashes the hierarchy. So, how to use makeup spray?

After prepping your face with moisturizer, dip your fluffy brush into the translucent powder and dab it over your face. Later, spritz the whole look with the setting spray. Let it dry and follow up with a face primer, foundation and so on. When paired with a lightweight translucent powder like SUGAR Set The Tone Tinted Powder, this long-lasting makeup hack blesses your skin with a crease-free base and dewy finish. It blurs the appearance of pores, fine lines and, most importantly, absorbs excess oil.

Setting Spray Hack#2: DIY Cream Blush

When it comes to blushes, no one wants to skip them. Cream blushes can be a big-ticket, and that is why people prefer using a powdered blush. But if you are obsessed with those natural looking, sun-kissed cheeks and don’t want to disburse, try this hack.

Spray a few pumps of your makeup setting spray on the powder blush, and gently dab it on your cheeks. If skepticism hits, take some product on your finger and squirt some spray over the top and dab. It mimics the cream blush and creates more naturally hued cheeks.

Steps on how to use your setting spray

Setting Spray Hack#3: Get Creaseless Eyeshadow

Isn’t it frustrating when you spend hours blending and buffing the eyelids, only to find out creases a few hours later? This genius hack will ensure your eyeshadow lasts all day long.

Dip the eyeshadow brush in the shadow of your choice, then squirt it with a few pumps of setting spray, blend as usual. Use the Grand Finale Dewy Setting Mist because it is a bomb for this hack. Especially in the case of more intricate and dramatic eye looks, setting spray not only prevents the eyeshadow from creasing but also makes the pigment pop that eventually makes your eyes look more attractive and vibrant. Try the same hack with shimmer eyeshadows and foil-finish glitters to intensify them.

Setting Spray Hack#4: For Dewy Lit Skin

This easy to do, everyday glow hack blesses you with an instant radiant finish. All you need is a beauty blender, setting spray, and a glistening face highlighter like SUGAR Glow And Behold Jelly Highlighter. Spray some makeup fixer over the damp sponge and dip in your highlighter to get that luminous wet look. Dab the hydrating ball on your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, nose, and make sure to bounce the remaining product all over your face. Voila! You are left with nothing but radiant, illuminating skin.

Setting Spray Hack#5: For Groomed Brows

You heard it right! This hack will get you those full, fluffy and groomed brows all beauty cults are raving about.

Just douse the spoolie in any setting spray makeup product, then comb it through your eyebrows in an upward direction. It instantly gives definition to the arches and blesses you with thicker, groomed and fuller brows. Make sure to use it on your bare brows and coat it with brow powder like Arch Arrival Brow Powder, and it will instantly enhance the look.

Setting Spray Hack #6: Create Your Own Eyeliner

There are times when your enchanting coral eyes don’t have a matching eyeliner to go with them. No problem! This hack with a trusted angled brush instantly elevates an eyeshadow into a sleek eyeliner. Just soak the brush into a makeup setting spray and dip it into your choice of eyeshadow. Amigos, now iridescent lilac eyeliner is a reality.

Consider your mind blown because these setting spray hacks will definitely change your glam game. There are some personal favourites from the list, so let us know whether you’d like it or not.

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