To be conti-nude! Acing nude makeup for Indian skin tones

by Nishtha K

Busting the myths with the perfect guide for Indian dusky beauties to ace the nude makeup look

Who doesn’t love a good nude look? It’s all the rage the world over and even among us, here in India. But it’s super tricky to find the right nude for duskier Indian skin tones, as they tend to wash us out. And this leaves us disheartened most of the times, doesn’t it? But there’s no need to worry! There are plenty of ways to ace the nude makeup look, without it making duskier skin tones appear dull; in fact, doing just the opposite! Don’t hold your breath too hard, and read on!

Choose your nude!

The trick to finding the right nude is really quite simple. Check the colour of your cheeks and the skin between your eyebrows. That’s your overall skin tone and your foundation should match these areas to a T! Indian skin tones are usually between dark and neutral undertones, thus determining your undertone is also crucial. Under natural light, if your veins look green, your undertone is warm, if they look bluish, your undertone is cool, and if you can really tell and they seem a mix of blue and green, your undertone is neutral. So, pick your nude shade accordingly, also make sure you swatch, swatch, swatch!

The foundation of it all!

Don’t ditch the foundation if you want to pull off the perfect nude look. Yes, you read that right. Also ensure that the foundation should be the shade closest to your skin tone. Once you apply the foundation, it should look like it’s your skin – only better! The foundation creates the perfect blank canvas and makes your skin look flawless! If you’re someone who knows how to colour correct, go for it! If not, no worries, your skin will still look great! Also, if you’re buying your first foundation, here’s a pro tip – most foundations tend to oxidize over time after application where it looks ashen. While we usually suggest you swatch the foundation on your cheek to find your shade, to check oxidization, do a wear test on your wrist. If it does, go for a shade lighter.

Caution! Conceal and contour

Do use concealer, but not too much! Dab just a little bit on, because that natural, nude look won’t shine through; it adds little to no additional colour to balance out the brighter areas thanks to the concealer.

Similarly, go super light on the contour! If you accentuate your features too much, it will tend to look too done up, which is not what you want to go for. Simple contouring and concealing counts for a lot when it comes to nude shades, and that’s exactly what you need to go in for here.

Now for colour!

Blushed nudes are your go-to for the rest of the face! For your eyes, we suggest you use a brown eyeshadow with pink undertones over your eyelids and even under your waterline. When it comes to the liner, choose a brown one and finish with loads of mascara. Don’t forget to take a bronzy highlighter and apply some on your eyelids and the inner corner of your eyes, but remember not to go overboard – simply add a little twinkle to those gorgeous eyes, and watch the magic unfold!

However, we must warn you: using the blush isn’t a great idea for this look. Instead, use the same highlighter you used for your eyes on the high points of your face – cheekbones, chin, along your nose, and again – not too much!

Finally, lips!

Find your favourite brown, or any colour that has a brown base with a hint of colour. You could, in fact, take a light pink or orange, and simply dab it onto your lips. And voila! You’ve unlocked the perfect nude look for your skin tone, that won’t dull it out, but make you look as healthy and beautiful as ever!

So come on, loves! Don’t shy away from nude makeup because of certain perceptions of the Indian skin and what it may look like. Embrace your beauty in every way, and when you want, play with the makeup you want!

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