7 Must-Have Brushes That Every Girl Should Own

by Akruti
Must-Have Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own

Because your makeup should always look flawless!

If you are a beauty fanatic like us, you’d agree that a no-makeup look is incomplete without your reliable tools to sweep, swirl and blend perfectly. There is no denying that a complete set of makeup brushes can make and break your look. Sure, there are your favourite makeup sponges and even your go-to fingers to do the job, but brushes make your skin like you just stepped out of a professional makeup studio. But not all of us are veterans or have a personal makeup guide to whip out every time we get ready, right? 

Between a plethora of brush options available, it can be hard to know where to start and which makeup brush to buy. 

Check out these 7 must-have makeup brushes that transform your daily beauty gig!

Flat Top Kabuki Brush for Face

Blend, blend, blend! If you know anything about makeup, you must know the power of blending because aren’t we all chasing that flawless looking base? Yes, right, this dense, round, flat-top brush is a makeup stable to buff in your cream or liquid foundation. The soft bristles blend in the foundation and promise to give that second-skin base. The ultra-soft bristles of SUGAR Blend Trend Foundation Brush 052 Kabuki makes your makeup application easy. It can be used to apply powder, cream and liquid base makeup without trapping or product absorption.

SUGAR Blend Trend Dual Eyeshadow Brush 412 Flat + Round

Eyeshadow Blending Brush for Eyes

Be it sultry smokey eyes or subtle transition shade, the right eyeshadow brush will make your peppers the star of the show. The SUGAR Blend Trend Dual Eyeshadow Brush 412 Flat + Round makes blending and applying eyeshadow super seamless. The dual-ended brush comes with fluffy round bristles on one end and tightly packed hair on the other. It defines your peppers beautifully, builds coverage and accentuates beauty looks with ease.

Flat Foundation Brush for Crease-Free Base

When applying foundation, brushes often take a back seat against its competitors—namely fingers and sponges. But, with the use of a brush for bronzer and blush, you might consider using one for your base too. It gives a soft, even and skin-like finish. The soft bristles and sleek handle of SUGAR Blend Trend Foundation Brush – 051 Flat is perfect for patting liquid foundation formula into a smooth, polished finish. The flat, tapered head distributes the foundation without absorbing and wasting it.

SUGAR Blend Trend Foundation Brush 051 Flat
SUGAR Blend Trend Face Brush 006 Highlighter

Highlighter Brush for Extra Radiance

When it comes to a full-glam up look, nothing is better than adding shine to your face. The soft-bristled brush picks the right amount of the product and adds that glow to your face. The Blend Trend Face Brush – 006 Highlighter easily applies glitter across your cheekbones, giving you that show stopper look. The ultra-soft synthetic bristles with a narrow, slightly tapered head enables you to evenly and precisely apply highlighter on the tricky areas including the inner corner of your eyes.

Powder Brush for a Flush of Colour

If powders have a permanent spot in your makeup arsenal, start hoarding the powder brushes now. The curved bristles of these brushes take the right amount to help with gentle application on the face. Perfect for blush application, these powder brushes also work to set your concealed eyes with a setting powder. The SUGAR Blend Trend Face Brush – 007 Powder gently transfers the powder onto the skin giving your apples a flawless colour pop. The nylon mesh cover preserves the soft bristles in shape and keeps them protected from germs and dirt.

Contour Brush for Sculpted Face

Get those chiseled cheeks with these easy to use brushes that are specially designed to expertly enhance cheekbones. From flat brushes to angles, there’s a whole lot of brilliant brushes to make those cheeks pop. The SUGAR Blend Trend Face Brush – 003 Contour will enhance facial features and covet those chiseled cheeks. The densely packed bristles assist in carving the hollows of your face like Kim K.

Concealer Brush to Cover Dark Circles

When it comes to blending, your fingers can surely be your emergency helper but if you want to get that crease-free, smooth base you’ve got to use a brush. Be it creating bold, over-the-top cut creases, covering dark circles or even fading away blemishes SUGAR Blend Trend Face Brush – 002 Concealer will solve all your skin woes. It lays perfectly flat, allowing your concealer to seamlessly blend into your under-eye area and corner of the nose. Oh, and if you love sculpting your eyebrows, this genius will work its magic.

Great right! Stock up these makeup brushes to get that stunning look.

Make sure to clean your brushes regularly, so your skin is safe from germs and bacteria.

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