6 Looks Our Beauty Team Tried With The Jelly Eyeshadow

by TeamSUGAR
Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow Review

With the wedding season and sundry New Year parties upon us, it’s easy to surmise that we don’t have enough makeup products to glam up on these occasions. However, we saw several makeup trends surge this year, right from bold eye makeup, which became a vital accessory, thanks to the pandemic to a lightweight base, created with blush, contour and highlighter. 

One makeup item that stood out from the lot was jelly makeup. As gross as it sounds, jelly eye makeup or eyeshadows are in fact a way to grab attention to your OTT done eyes.

SUGAR’s Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadows are your cue to add that much-needed elegance to your party looks. The eyeshadow range is not for the faint of heart! The glittery hues are highly pigmented and glossy and come in 8 stunning shades. Add to that, it’s crease and smudge-proof, which means no more touch-ups! It dries to a matte finish, giving that luxurious glow to your visage.

Are you ready? Here’s what the reviewers of the jelly makeup launch have to say!

Needhi Dhoker

Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow 05 Copper Charisma

The Review:

Okay, this is hands down my favourite beauty product at the moment. With a lot of hype around it, I decided to add it to my vanity, and well, it lives up to my expectations. The name, as it says, is jelly, and the product does total justice to its making. The texture is smooth and doesn’t irritate the skin. Moreover, there’s no hassle of using a brush to do the strokes as it glides even with fingertips, quite smoothly. 

All the shades blend like a dream, and the product claims that there’s nothing the Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadows can’t do. Well, that’s true. Instead of going the conventional route, I chose to turn mine into metallic lip colour. I went all out with two shades, shade 06 Cranberry Cheer and shade 05 Copper Charisma on my lips, and these were the exact hues I could have asked for. The formula adds a glow to several areas, including eyes, cheeks and nose, which is fantastic. It suits every mood, and it’s always in style. Moreover, IT DOESN’T BUDGE. I layered mine over an easy glide of lip balm for an impactful and impressive shiny effect. I finally have something to bank on, especially for weekend dates and party nights.

– Assistant Manager, Copy

Amrin Talib

The Review:

What I love most about these jelly eyeshadows is how easy they are to use! I used a neutral coloured powder base to start. Using a fluffy brush, I blended it all over my lids. Being an eyeshadow novice, I used a flat brush for more precision, starting with shade 01 Champagne Charm. I went over half my lids in one stroke. The colour payoff is pretty amazing, and one swipe was all it took. Next, I went in with shade 08 Grey Game on the outer corners of my eyes. It set almost instantly. I lined my eyes with my trusted eyeliner and reached out for my eyelash curler. I finished with a few generous sweeps of mascara. Voila, runway-ready look in less than 10 minutes!

– Senior Beauty Writer

Vishakha Chhabra

Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow 01

The Review:

I used a moisturizer and concealer to prep my eyes for the eyeshadow to pop up even more. With the help of a flat eyeshadow brush, I created a wing using shade 01 Champagne Charm. To add some depth & drama to the look, I used shade 04 Bronze Brilliance on the outer wings and the inner corner of my eyes. I used the same shade on my lower lash line and smudged it using a powder eyeshadow of a similar tone. To complete the eye look, I used mascara for my lashes. I also used a shimmer lip gloss to complement the eyes! The result? Well, bomb makeup, super stat! Must say, I am impressed.

– Social Media Executive

Ipsita Lekharu

SUGAR Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow

The Review:

I have prepped and primed my eyelids with a priming moisturizer. Then, I applied concealer to make an even canvas for my eyeshadow. I took a very generous amount of the jelly eyeshadow in the shade 01 Champagne Charm with a flat tempered brush to pat the colour in. The eyeshadows are so pigmented that I used a little amount and it was enough. It’s also very blendable, I used my fingers to blend it all over my eyelids. After that, I used the shade 08 Grey Game, with a thin liner brush and created a wing liner with it. I completed my look with some kohl on the waterline and mascara to make my lashes pop. Overall I loved how these eyeshadows performed, the packaging is very cute and quite travel friendly.

– Digital Marketing Analyst

Radhika Sarda

Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow 04 Bronze Brilliance

You know how they say that makeup should blend easily and not look off or cakey? Well, I found a perfect mate for my eyes recently, and it’s none other than SUGAR’S Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow. At the time of festivities, we are constantly on the lookout for all things shimmery. I was too. I needed my eyes to pop, and that’s when I landed on this product that goes perfectly with all my ethnic looks. If you desire a high-intensity and dramatic eyeshadow, then this one is a fun and innovative choice to go for. The gel texture makes application easier than ever. I have used shade 04 in Bronze Brilliance. What makes it stand out is the intense shine formula and crease-proof technique. I loved the fact that it’s not only designed, keeping in mind contemporary ensembles but goes well even with traditional silhouettes. This is the best eyeshadow I could have asked for.

– Marketing Manager

Kirrily Santos

Eye Love Jelly Eyeshadow 01 Champagne Charm

The Review:

You can always find me talking about how I want to try different eyeshadow looks but refrain from doing so, given my beginner skills. Applying eyeshadows can be tricky, so when I was asked to do a review on the new jelly eyeshadows by SUGAR, I was thrilled yet nervous. After a few trial and error sessions, I can finally say, I love this particular product. It legit feels jelly soft and its texture is so shimmery that I was instantly in awe. I chose to go with shade 01 Champagne Charm, given my dusky skin tone with the outfit I wore. I applied it using my fingers itself and it glided on quite smoothly. Trust me, it dries off super quick, so you have to be a bit careful with it. Also, given that it’s a jelly formula, a little goes a long way and it stays put all through the night. I also used some of it on my cheeks in place of highlighter, and I love the pigment and shimmer added to my face makeup. I can’t wait to experiment with more shades!

– Senior Executive – Copy & Content

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