Lockdown Fitness: Easy Home Workouts To Stay Fit

by Nishtha K

Stay fit even when you’re indoors with these quick and easy workout routines!

It’s not easy being stuck at home, especially for those who have been office-going professionals. But mind you, it’s not easy for those who work from home and homemakers, either! The work has doubled for most people and there’s no escaping that. For the former, you’re now also having to juggle work and household chores, kids, and the rest of the family. Same for the latter, wherein your spouse and kids, who usually leave home in the morning, are now distraction enough to not be able to follow your routine. 

One of the ways to deal with these stressful times is to get into a fitness routine that will keep you healthy as well as occupied. Exercising is one of those things that’ll keep you focused, reduce stress, and most importantly, keep your immunity up! So, without further ado, get those yoga mats out – or the floor will also do – wear your sneakers, and let’s jump into a variety of quick exercises you can do to keep your strength – mental and physical – up!

Start with stretching

Many people think this is not necessary, but trust us, stretching is sometimes even more important than the workout. If you skip this, chances are you might hurt yourself as you haven’t prepped your body. No exercise routine can be started or ended without a session of proper stretching. It’s a quick 5 minute routine and you here’s how to go about it. 

Step 1: Stand up straight, put your hands on your hips and rotate your neck 10 times clockwise and 10 times anticlockwise. Then look 10 times from left to right, right to left. Lastly, look straight, and bend your neck from side to side, 10 times again!

Step 2: Hold the joint between your shoulders and arms, and rotate your arms 10 times clockwise, and 10 times anticlockwise.

Step 3: From there, stretch your arms out straight and rotate them 10 times clockwise, and 10 times anticlockwise. 

Step 4: Keeping 1 arm in the air and the other hanging by your side, stretch your arms up and down, alternately, 10 times.

Step 5: Put your hands back on your hips and rotate your hip 10 times clockwise, and 10 times anticlockwise. Then 10 times from side to side.

Step 6: Either standing up or sitting down, with your legs stretched out, reach for your toes and hold for up to 10 seconds. Do this 10 times. If you can’t touch your toes, reach as close to your toes as you can.

Step 7: Do 10 side or front lunges with alternate legs. 10 for each leg.

Move on to suryanamaskar

Sun salutation or Suryanamaskar is an ancient practice that’s been a part of exercise routine for Indians for centuries. It works on your entire body and just a couple of reps and you will start sweating from head to toe. To begin with, only do 10 reps. If you can do more, feel free as it will only increase your endurance. Now get your yoga mat and start! 

Step 1: Join your hands. Now arch your back, with your arms held up and hold.

Step 2: With your arms stretched, touch your toes. Now, lunge with your left leg and hold the pose with your hands placed next to your leg. Pull your leg behind and hold in a plank position (or with your arms stretched). Put your right leg in the lunge position, and hold.

Step 3: With your pelvis, legs, and toes touching the mat, arch your back up and hold. Go into the mountain pose next, with your abdomen as high as possible, with your hands and legs planted firmly on the ground.

Step 4: Touch your toes again and hold. Stretch and arch your back again, and finish the rep by joining your hands.

Indulge in functional training

Functional training is closer to your activities you perform every day and these will help you get even better at those. Go for a combination of burpees and planks. Try the following routine: 

Step 1: 5 Burpees

Step 2: Hold plank position for up to 30 secs

Repeat the set above at least 3 times, and when you get comfortable, push for as many repetitions as you can. This will ensure an overall body workout like no other where your strength and flexibility will be put to use.

Now some fun exercises

Remember the good old PT classes? Well, those very exercises that we took for granted are now the best solution for being stuck at home. After you’ve done the stretch routine, go ahead and do these fun exercises that are bound to take you back to your school days!

Step 1: 20 jumping jacks.

Step 2: Spot jog for 30 secs.

Step 3: 20 skips/jumps without rope

Repeat this set at least 3 times.

Don’t forget to dance

Sometimes dancing is the best workout you can do as it not only helps you keep fit but also extremely happy. After stretching, switch your favourite playlist and dance, baby dance for 20 minutes straight! This will get you into a great mood, and don’t forget to ask your loved ones to join in. Oh! You think you can’t dance, well, trust us, everyone can, your moves are yours, and there’s no one to judge here. Let it lose in these trying times and have some fun.

So take these small steps and start off with a routine that will keep you fit and happy in the longer run.

Stay safe, stay home, stay fit!

Design: Nitesh L.

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