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by Nida S

Seems like just yesterday when the entire beauty world was going gaga over stark matte lipsticks. But then came the lip glosses that took over the beauty world, in full glory. Upping the glam quotient like no other, lip glosses became one of the staples in everyone’s makeup pouch. Today, from influencers to celebrity makeup artists, everyone is equally obsessed with lip glosses and they’ve become a major favourite on everyone’s ‘gram! And, why not? Lip glosses effortlessly make you look chic and glam with the kind of showbiz pout that you’ve just dreamed of. They come in a variety of options ranging from intensely pigmented to shimmery and glittery to work as a perfect lip topper for every lip shade. If you are looking for a gloss to switch up your look, you need to try the SUGAR Time To Shine Lip Gloss range. This range offers 10 fabulous shades with a superior, opaque formula that lasts up to 10 hours. These glosses are infused with jojoba oil to bring the nourishment of lip balm and shine of a gloss in one product. The longevity of the product not only provides a terrific gleam to your pucker but it also keeps your lips hydrated and nourished all day long.

Stop your search for the best lip gloss ‘cause we’re counting down the top 7 fan-favourite shades from this range and spilling some makeup secrets on how to rock them!

Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 02 Velma Pinkley (Pink Nude)

The perfect pinky nude lip gloss that takes us back to our teen years. A pink lip gloss is how our makeup romance started and now, we’re bringing our first love back. This nude-pink lip gloss adds the right amount of tint to your lips and lights up every makeup look. Pair this with glossy skin, blushed cheeks and full lashes for the best results. But honestly, this pretty pink lip gloss can add a youthful touch to any makeup look.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 02 Velma Pinkley
Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 10 Princess Aurora

Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 10 Princess Aurora (Golden Beige With Shimmer)

A glossy, glimmering top-coat can transform any lipstick shade. And that’s exactly what this stunner can do. Add this over any lipstick and watch it elevate your makeup game in a few seconds. The shimmer in the gloss makes it shinier and super trendy and edgy. It catches the sunlight just right and can be your go-to for the summers. This is your surprise tool to add life to any boring lip colour. You can also pair this with a nude lip pencil and wear it on its own for the 90s ombre lip.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 03 Mellow Kitty (Deep Peach Nude)

A true, warm-toned nude that looks amazing on every single person! This lip gloss instantly adds warmth to your complexion and makes you look put-together. Wear this lip gloss on its own and add a wash of golden highlighter to your skin.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 03 Mellow Kitty
Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 09 Teaker Bell

Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 09 Teaker Bell (Mud Brown; Walnut Brown)

Now onto the drama. We all need this lip gloss in our collection. A true brown, walnut shade that lets people know you are the boss. Try wearing this shade with thick, black eyeliner and snatched cheekbones and you’ll rule the day. Keep your skin matte just let this lip gloss shine for major impact.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 05 Elektra (Bright Orange Red)

Did you really think a list of lip products is complete without red? Of course not! There’s nothing to say about this one. Red has always been a powerful, classic and it looks good on everyone. While you can wear this with every makeup look, our personal favourite is using this to create a Korean ombre lip look. Dab it in the centre and blend out by tapping it out. You can also go for the classic red lip with sleek winged eyeliner.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 05 Elektra
Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 01 Penelope Peachstop

Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 01 Penelope Peachstop (Peach)

Feeling peachy? Pick this one right away. A neutral, peach nude shade that adds a hint of fun to every look. It carries the same class of nude lipstick but coming together with the shine, it’s out of this world. This would look best with a nice, corally peach blush on the cheeks and nose, a vivid eyeliner and loads of mascara.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss - 07 Berry Cooper (Plum Red)

A shade that screams “winter is coming”. A gorgeous berry colour for a statement glossy pout for every occasion. This dominating shade works best on its own. Even out your base, keep everything minimal and let this shade take the lead! If you’re feeling extra, pop on a lively blush on your cheeks.

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Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 07 Berry Cooper

These are the top 7 picks from this glam-packed lip gloss range. Which shade did you add to your cart?

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Riddhima March 9, 2021 - 3:24 pm

Amazing Shades!! Mellow Kitty is my personal favorite.


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