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by Kirrily S
SUGAR Limited Edition Makeup Trio Set

We’re sure you’re familiar with the hassle of carrying multiple pouches filled with makeup products when heading for a vacay or be it commuting to work daily. The struggle is real, especially when you need to fetch for a particular shade of lipstick or a mascara for a quick touchup while on the move. 

What if we tell you that we’ve got a solution to put all those troubles aside! Yes, there’s a new kid on the block and is our new star of the #SUGARSquad. Presenting, our makeup powerhouse – the SUGAR Limited Edition Makeup Trio Set

Cute, travel-friendly and exclusive – this makeup trio set comes packed with three masterpieces that are sure to help you glam up to the best of your ability. From a mesmerizing mini blush that delivers a decadent pop of colour to a mini mascara that gives your lash the most desirable volume & curl and a mini lipstick, which gives your pout a bold edge- Phew! ain’t it a stellar piece. Each of these cult-favourite, makeup hits deliver a rich colour payoff and unbeatable wear like you’ve never experienced before.

Whether you’re hurrying to make it on time for that important work meet or heading for your special date night, this trio set will be the perfect tag along (and for all the right reasons!). What makes it even great is its perfect size and utility – you can just throw it in your bag and carry on doing your thing.

Meet the Stars!

Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick

If you’ve always longed for a “one-coat wonder” product for your lips, then we’ve got just the right piece for you! The SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick delivers a burst of intense pigment with just a single swipe that stays the day without smudging. The formula is enriched with vitamin E for nourishment and is absolutely transfer-proof. It boasts of a cruelty-free formula, is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin. Work or play, rely on this matte wonder to have you making a statement with those luscious lips!

Contour De Force Mini Blush

Applying some blush on the apples of your cheeks is all you need for a flushed, rosy cheeks look. Moreover, blush instantly makes you look healthier and adds a pretty wash of colour and our SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Blush delivers just that. It has a super blendable formula that imparts vivid, velvety rich finish, offers a long-lasting wear and is super. A little bit of this product will amp up your entire look! Moreover, it is free from parabens, D5, oil, mineral oil and nano-ingredients too.

Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara

No eye makeup look is complete without swiping on coats of mascara. It makes your eyes look bigger, wider and lashes fluttery. Hence, our Trio Set had to include a makeup must-have, the SUGAR Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara, a mascara that provides volume, curl and length in one. This clump-free, long-lasting formula is perfect for everyday use and deliver up to 8+ hours of wear time. It boasts of a lightweight, intensely black texture and also comes designed with an ergonomically curved brush with fine bristles for easy application.

Create A Quick Look With These Products

Did you think we would say bye without helping you put together a fabulous makeup look? Hell no! 

While there are multiple ways you can use the mascara, blush and lipstick from our Limited Edition Makeup Trio Set, let’s look at creating a minimalistic yet statement worthy no-makeup, makeup look that’s easy to pull off anywhere, anytime.

  • First up, Foundation

We’re sure you already have your favourite foundation in place and so it’s time to put that to use. The foundation aka the base is one of the primary steps to nailing just about any makeup look. We say this because you don’t want your makeup looking cakey after a few hours. And we aren’t saying use a magical product – just use it the right way. Mix your foundation with your moisturizer to create a tinted moisturizer that will give you that light look. Using a BB Cream too works in this case.

  • Conceal & Seal!

After you’ve aced your base using foundation, it’s time to head for some concealer, which is the key step for any spot correction and dark circles under those eyes. However, remember, don’t go overboard, because a little surely goes a long way. Once you’re done with concealing, it’s time to pack it all up in place so there isn’t any smudging or transfer. Use a translucent powder that’ll take the excess shine away and make your base last for hours! 

  • Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Just cause you opted for a no-makeup, makeup look, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up your eyes. In this case, an eyeshadow palette with subtle shades is the best option for that elusive no-makeup-makeup look. Start off with a light shade over your eyelids and fill in the corners with a shade that’s a couple of shades darker than the base you used. Reach out for some eyeliner and mascara to add more drama and edge to your overall look.

  • A Flush of Colour

There’s nothing quite like a pop of colour on your cheeks to give you a natural look. A subtle dab of blush onto the apple of your cheeks works best when you’re trying to go for the natural look while adding just the right amount of accentuate your makeup.

  • Luscious Pout FTW!

A lip tint, lipstick or simply a lip balm does the trick here. Anything that gives you the my-lips-but-better look. 

So, there you have it! If you ever thought you need an arsenal of makeup products to glam up, then we hope you’ve changed your mind.

And in this case, our Limited Edition Trio set will surely be by your side, helping you ace one look at a time with utmost finesse.

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