How to: Use false eyelashes

by Gayatri T

Always admired people with thick long lashes? Always gone over board with mascara to create that look? Well, well, well, look no further, we’ve got your fix!

Now don’t freak out just yet if even if you’re a noob, here come falsies to the rescue. We must admit, we all feel like false lashes are for the “experts only” club, but that’s about to change, in three, two, one. Because once you get the hang of applying your false lashes perfectly, you won’t look back!

First things first, purchasing the right lashes for beginners is over whelming to say the least. We recommend starting slow and simple keeping things as natural as possible – only to begin with. You can go nuts with bigger more dramatic lashes once you get a hang of them. Oh and make sure to get done with all your make up, even your highlighter before moving to your lashes!

Here’s how to fix them:

Step 1: The glue. Some lashes come with self-adhesive strips. However, we recommend always topping that up with lash-glue to ensure they don’t fall of mid-eyeroll! Apply a very thin layer of lash glue along the lashline and let this dry out for 3-5 seconds.

Step 2: The fix.With your hands, or with a pair of tweezers, get a good grip of your lashes (and your nerves) and fix it in, starting with the inner corner of your eyes. Once it latches on, slowly move along the lashline, keeping it as close a possible to your natural lashes to make them look like one entity.

Step 3: The final fix. The glue leaves you some time and wriggle room even after latching on, so keep adjusting your lashes pushing them down into your natural lashes till they seem perfect and set

Pro tip: Before applying the glue, place the lashes on your eyes to check for size and feel free to grab a pair of scissors and trim the edges or the length of the lashes to suit your vibe!

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay fabulous!

Design: Nutan N.

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