How to: Slay the smokey eye

by Eshita S

Got an eyeshadow palette that you dig? Why not get creative and rock a smokeshow smokey eye?

For all the times when we our eyes need to be the focus of all attention, a smokey eye look comes as good news but we’ve got to remember a few things before we set on to creating drama on our eyes.

As a rule of the thumb, you need to blend well. Blending poorly means patchy makeup being the focus, and not the actual smokey eye you’ve created. Another hack is to avoid using more than 3 shades of eyeshadow as you don’t want the makeup to speak louder than your eyes. Remember, we’re creating a look that will complement our eyes, so keeping it simple is the way to go. If you want a smokey eye that’s very fresh and modern, stick to using darker shades of eyeshadow closer to the lash line.

Here’s us breaking it down for you.

  • Go for a gorgeous highlight on the brow bone.
  • Dab a light or mid-tone shade on the crease, and blend well.
  • A deeper toned shade goes on the crease again (with windshield motion) and towards the outer corner of the eye.
  • Go with the darkest shade for the centre of the lid and finish the look with an eye pencil on the lower lash line.

Pro-tip: You can also add highlighter on the inner corner of your eyes for extra pop and also dab a shimmer eyeshadow on the centre of the lid for an explosive oomph.

Now, we know that not all smokey eyes are the same. Makeup artists and celebs are creating and flaunting an array of looks – from subtle classics to sultry bolds, there’s a list that you can totally checkout, and ace!

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay fabulous!

Design: Nutan N.

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