How To Find The Perfect Shade Of Blush For Your Skin Tone

by Akruti
Perfect Shade of Blush for Your Skin Tone

Achieve that stunning flush of blush on your cheeks!

Eyeliner and concealer might be your fave product in need but when it comes to instant glow, there is no product that can compete with blush. The right pop of colour instantly restores a healthy glow, warms up your skin tone and makes you look lively with one swirl. Choosing the right blush according to your skin tone can be a complete game-changer for your makeup routine. It goes two ways—either it can leave you with glowy, dewy and flushed skin or turn out scary as if you are sitting in the sun for hours.  

Amidst the plethora of different shades and formulas, it can be tricky to land on your favourites. But, hey! Nothing is better than a hunting trip, right?

TBH, there are no hard rules of wearing one selective blush, but yes, picking the correct shade does make a whole lot of difference to your look. 

From selecting the right formula to picking the best blush for Indian skin tone, here is the blush guide you’ve been looking for. 

Different Types of Blush Shades

Shades of Blush

Always keep your undertone in mind. Be it blush or foundation, bronzer or lipstick, skin tone plays a huge role in uplifting your gorgeous face. Wondering what your undertones are? Check your veins. Flip your wrist and see if the veins are green. If so, you have warm or yellow undertones. However, if they are blue, you have cool undertones. If the veins mix both colours, you have neutral undertones, and you are lucky as most blush hues will look flattering against your skin.

It’s not just the skin tone that matters while selecting the right blush makeup, but skin type also plays a major role. Dry skin individuals should steer clear of powdered blush as it can crack on your skin, making it look cakey. However, nowadays there are several powdered formulas that are non-drying and provide a healthy, subtle glow. When it comes to oily skin, neglect using cream-based blush formula as it might clog your pores, making them appear bigger.

Now, if you are wondering how to find the best blush for your skin tone, scroll down!

Blush for Fair Skin

Best Blush Shades for Fair Skin

If you come in a fair complexion, you likely have a neutral or pink undertone. Grab the washes of fresh pink, light peach and berry hues with cool undertones. Start off with a lightly build up shade till the point you reach your desired look. For an instant pop on your cheeks, use the SUGAR Face FWD >> Blush Stick in shade 02 Pink Prime that’ll give a flawless matte finish with a natural-looking flush of colour. Want to give new shades a try? Try coral, plum or another vibrantly coloured blush. Apply a sheer layer to avoid mishaps.

Best Blush Shades for Medium Skin

Those with medium skin tone should consider pinks and peaches their BFF. Your skin tone tends to be more tanned and gives a glimpse of warm undertones. The ultra-flattering hues of rosy pink, subtle peach, a tinge of apricot or orange will leave your cheeks glowing. Use the SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Blush in shade 01 Peach Peak to get that radiant look. Unlike fair skin tone, you have more freedom while selecting the richer blush shade. Opt for mauve shades if you want something bolder. 

Blush for Medium Skin

Best Blush Shades for Olive Skin

Finding that perfect blush shade for olive skin can be tricky due to its green undertones. Olive skin can look a tad dull sometimes and at that time deep-coloured blush is your calling my friend! Bright corals, poppy pinks and lush brown shades will perk the skin up in seconds. Add an ethereal radiance and Pink Pinnacle blush from SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette that comes with a silky soft formula that glides smoothly onto your skin. Try out golden-toned blushes, too or add in some shimmer for that natural, illuminating flush. 

Best Blush Shades for Dark Skin

When it comes to selecting the best blush for dark skin tones, feel free to pull out the dramatic, rich shades for your arsenal. Hot corals, brick reds, deep berry shades will all look beautiful on your warm undertones. Pigmented blushes are your soulmate as they would pop on your skin instantly. Use the blush shade 01 Coral Climax from SUGAR Face FWD >> Blush Stick that instantly pops the apples of your cheeks and is super pigmented. Hence, it goes a long way. Although perfect for the skin type, this tangerine blush works magically on medium to dark skin tones. Make sure to avoid using light shades as it can make the skin look washed and muddy.

Blush Shade for Dark Skin

Types of Blush Formula to Choose

Once you have figured out the go-to blush shades that’ll make you look fresh at all hours, picking a formula is child’s play for you. Select a powder blush if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Place your bet on creamy blush sticks and tints for dry and dull-looking skin. If you want a bolder look, layer your powdered blush with tints or stains, and it’ll last forever. 

Blushes are the best way to give that lacklustre skin a more lively tone. So, if you are tired of using the conventional pink blusher, these shades will work wonders.

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