How to: Apply lip colour perfectly

by Akruti
How to apply lipstick

Nothing is better than a gorgeous looking polished pout!

Even if you are the most minimal makeup wearer, a lip colour will indeed have a place in your arsenal. A quick swipe is the easiest way to look polished, and all put together.

If you are a lipstick fanatic like us, you might know that dressing your pout is not as easy as it sounds, especially when trying to ace a bold shade like red. There are multiple blunders you can commit that could ruin your look―one side might appear thicker, or you overdo your lips, making them look unnatural. 

Choosing the right shade of lipstick can make or break your look. So, here we are to set you down on the path to getting a perfect pout every single time.

How to apply lip colour

Step 1: Scrub and Moisturize those Lips

Never apply lipstick without prepping beforehand. Flaky, dry lips are no one’s best friend, let alone your lip colours. It will start to cling on those dried up and cracking lips, giving you your worst nightmare. Start exfoliating your lips with a gentle lip scrub to keep them healthy and the dead skin at bay. After exfoliating, moisturize them with a lip balm or a hydrating lip primer similar to SUGAR Seal The Show Lip Primer that locks in the moisture into the lips and prevents lipstick colours from feathering and cracking. This crucial lip care promotes all-day lip glam staying power.

Step 2: Prepare a base

If you have naturally dark lips, it can be difficult to make your lipstick colour pop. So, if you want your lipstick colour to shine in its vivid form, use concealer all over your lips before applying your lip colour. This acts as a primer and gives your lips a smooth and even base. This step is optional and comes in handy for people dealing with lip pigmentation.

SUGAR Coffee Culture Lip Balm

Step 3: Trace and fill lips with liner

Lip liners can do so much more than just obviously line lips. It helps in defining your lips shapes, gives a fuller look and also amplifies the lip hue.  If you want subtle or bold, work it up accordingly. To pick an accurate lip liner, opt for a shade that’s a little deeper than the shade of your lips. Start by tracing the line of your lips. Next, focus on creating a cupid’s bow to enhance the natural shape of your pout. Create a small shadow by filling in the centre of the bottom lip to get an illusion of a fuller, youthful, perfected looking pout.

P.S. A nude lip liner works on every lip colour. The SUGAR Lipping On The Edge Lip Liner in the shade 02 Wooed By Nude will suit any skin tone and make your lips pop.

How to apply lipstick

Step 4: Pick your lipstick shade

When settling with lipstick texture— be it matte or glossy, you have to change your lip routine accordingly. In the case of creamy lipstick, go easy on the lip balm. However, if you’re using matte finish lipstick similar to SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick, give an ample amount of hydration to your pout, keeping them soft and smooth. If you’re topping it off with lip gloss, you don’t have to go overboard with the lip balm at all. Simple, right?

Step 5: Start from the centre

When putting on the lipstick, make sure you start applying it from the middle of the lips and go outwards. Start from the middle of the lips to control the application and lessen the chances of mess-ups. If you are a newbie, try drawing an “X” on your cupid’s bow and ensure not to go outside the line.

How to apply lipstick

Step 6: Blot, Blot, Blot

Once your lips are completely coated, and your pout is glam A.F., it is time to blot. Gently squeeze your lips together over tissue paper to remove all the extra product lying on your lips which could crack up later. This also ensures your lip colour stays on longer and looks better. Also, while using cream-based lipstick, you can seal it in place with setting powder. However, be warned that this will make the colour look matte.

So that’s it, guys. Try out this lipstick routine and get that “pout of the day” look every day!

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