How to: Apply eyeliner, for dummies

by Gayatri T

The eyeliner can either be your BFF or your nemesis, we hear you, but it is a make-up essential that really goes a long way if done right. So let us show you how.

With the eyeliner, there are no rules, you can go as thin, as thick, as simple or as dramatic as your mood is on that day, or depending on what the occasion is. Work calls? A thin but evident line works. A fun day out or date night? Let those wings speak, honey! Suffice to say, the eyeliner can absolutely be a game changer, and add that cherry on your makeup cake.

What this simple stroke of colour does is defines your eyes while making them pop and bringing together your look even if it’s very simply just eyeliner and gloss!

Now, as you are probably aware, there are a few formats of eyeliners available – liquid, gel, and microtip. For beginners, the microtip liner is ideal, since it’s like a sketch pen. It allows you to get that perfect, sharp eyeliner, without being a “pro”.

Remember to start from the inner corner of your eye carefully striding along as close as possible to your lash line, we don’t want any gaps peeking through here, even if they do we can fill them in later. Go till the end of your lash line and you may choose to stop here. But if you’re feeling naughty, extend that line to create a wing of your choice! PS: Never tug or pull at your eye to draw the liner. Take a deep breath, stand in front of a big enough mirror, and rest your palm on your cheek to get a good grip as substitute.

Obviously, matching the thickness on both eyes is critical here, so start small so you can keep building it up as you go.

Pro tip : Do your left eye first if you’re a righty, or vice versa if you’re a lefty, since you’re more likely to be able to match your strokes on the side you’re more comfortable with.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay fabulous!

Design: Dilraj K.

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