How To Apply Bronzer for a Natural, Sun-Kissed Glow

by Nida S
How to apply bronzer like a pro

What’s common between J.Lo, Shay Mitchell and the Kardashian clan? Beautifully bronzed skin. If you think bronzer looks like what we saw everywhere in the 2000s, it’s not.  Contrary to tanning the entire face with orange, sparkly powder, a bronzer is supposed to give you a healthier look. It brightens your complexion and gives you that “just back from a vacay” glow. Even if you’re in the coldest of regions with not a speck of sunlight touching you, a bronzer will make you look sunkissed in no time. If you’re someone who has always shied away from bronzers, get your notepads ready ‘cuz we’re giving bronzer lessons. Learn more about the best shade for you, different types of formulations and finishes and how to get one that’s right for you.

What Is Bronzer and Why Use It?

There is a common misconception floating around about bronzers. A lot of people believe that bronzers are only meant to be used on light to pale skin and medium to deep skin tones don’t need any bronzer. Well, we’re here to tell you that’s not true. Bronzers are an absolute necessity in everybody’s makeup stash, no matter which skin tone category you fall under. It’s not just a tool to look tanner, it’s a makeup product that can instantly make your skin look healthier. The right shade of bronzer adds brightness to your skin while making you look like you’ve been in the sun, soaking up some needed vitamin D! Moreover, it adds a subtle definition to your face and adds a sultry look.

Bronzer vs. Contour: What's the Difference?

While the umbrella term used for a contouring powder and a bronzing powder, both, is bronzer, these aren’t the same. Bronzers meant for bronzing ie. adding natural warmth to the skin are usually warm to neutral-toned. They can have various finished and a lot of them have shimmer for added radiance. These add warmth to the skin and give you a vacay, sun-kissed glow.

On the other hand, contouring powders have a much cooler undertone, almost grey-brown. The cool undertone helps to create natural-looking shadows for a chiselled, model-like bone structure and definition. These have to have a matte finish to look realistic. Contouring powders cannot be interchanged with warm-toned bronzing powders.

Every Type Of Bronzer, Explained

Bronzers come in 3 formulations – cream, liquid and powder with powder being the most common one. Cream bronzers are great for people with dry skin. They don’t make dry skin look powdery and look super natural on the skin. Bronzers with shimmers or sheen will also be perfect for dry skin as they add luminosity. A powder bronzer works for everyone but it’s the best for oily skin. And liquid bronzers look the most skin-like but can get a little difficult to blend. Our suggestion for bronzer newbies is a good ol’ powder bronzer. Easy to use, comes in numerous colours and finishes.

Get Your Shade Right

All your efforts for learning about bronzers are no use if you end up picking the right shade. When choosing any makeup product, your skin tone is not the only thing that matters, your undertone also comes into play. Here’s how to get the right bronzer for your skin tone and undertone.

If you have a light skin tone with cool undertones, sandy beige bronzers will look fab on you. If you have a warm undertone, peachy bronzers should be your go-to. Medium, olive to deep skin tones, go for bronzers that have a golden undertone. Bronzers with subtle, golden shimmer look gorgeous on deeper skin tones.

The SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer range offers 3 incredible bronzers that are perfect for adding definition while making your complexion glow. 01 Taupe Topper is the perfect pick for light to medium skin tones. The shade 02 Woody Wonder works beautifully for every skin, especially medium to deep beauties. And for the deep skinned divas, go for the SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Bronzer – 03 Caramel Captain. Just the right amount of depth and pigmentation that will make your cheeks pop!

How to Apply Bronzer

The best way to apply a bronzer is with a big, fluffy brush. Pick a little product on the bristles and start by placing the bronzer right under your cheekbones, very close to your ears. Blend the bronzer upwards and towards your cheekbones in small, circular motions. Then, sweep some bronzer across your forehead, along your hairline. Brush it across the perimeters of your forehead and temples. Once you’re done applying it on your cheeks and forehead, use the leftover on the brush and use it on your jawline.

Keep the number 3 in mind if you’re still confused. Go along the perimeter of your forehead, through your temples to your cheeks and then along your jawline. It’s that simple!

Bonus Tips and Tricks:

How to use bronzer

Pouring out all our bronzer knowledge for you. Did you get to learn something new today? Comment below and let us know.

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