How to Ace your Base Makeup

by Kirrily Santos
How to ace your base makeup

The world’s flaunting makeup looks that kill, but don’t forget, it’s all about the base. Base makeup is the foundation of all your gorgeous looks, and here are a few simple steps to ace it, in 10 minutes.

If there’s one thing that every makeup junkie dreads is having their makeup smudge. While there are numerous ways that can cause this to happen, one sure-shot way to ruin any good makeup look is having an uneven, cakey base. Apart from looking unattractive, it sort of also defeats the whole idea of wearing makeup.

Like every sculpture, there is a foundation that keeps it standing strong. Similarly, when it comes to makeup, base makeup is the foundation to all your gorgeous looks. Applying an undetectable base is the first step for having a long-lasting, non-cakey look. And to prevent just that, we’ve put together a few simple steps that’ll help you ace your base easily!

Step 1 : Prep Up!

The key to supple, nourished skin? Proper hydration! Before you start applying any makeup products to your face, begin with a moisturizer. Be it a mist, serum, cream or a lotion, apply a dollop size amount evenly on your face and massage it well so that it blends in with your skin to create the perfect start.

Step 2: Prime Time

One of the most important steps in order to achieve a flawless base is using a primer. It is ‘THE’ perfect way to avoid breakouts, hide fine lines and pores. Opting for soft gel and cream primers help cover all imperfections, whilst lending a smooth canvas to build your glamorous look. Moreover, they keep your face shine-free and make your makeup last longer. You can always opt for a priming moisturizer that nourishes your skin & acts as a good base, giving you the benefit of a 2-in-1! 

Remember, never rub the product into your skin. Always pat it in for it to sit perfectly on your skin. Apply it with your fingertips instead of a brush as the warmth of your skin will make it spread better & evenly.

Step 3: Conceal the Deal

If raccoon eyes or dark circles are something that’s common to you, then sweetheart, you need a concealer. No woman can do without a concealer, especially when it comes to hiding dark spots or acne marks. And base makeup without a concealer is so incomplete! Opting for concealers that are the same shade or a shade lighter work the best and can be used for light coverage all over. Moreover, they also provide a base for foundation, but the order of their application depends on your preference.

Step 4: Next Up, Foundation!

When choosing a foundation for yourself, always ensure it is the right shade. Test it on your jawline; it should blend well with your neck and face. A shade that doesn’t match your skin tone is an absolute no, especially if you want to avoid that uneven skin-tone look! Liquid, cushion, stick – your choice of the texture matters. And sometimes, given that foundations tend to have a heavy texture, apply only on those areas that actually need it to avoid looking cakey. Go for ones that feel comfortable on your skin and blend nicely with a sponge or brush. 

Always start from the centre of your face, move onto your cheekbones and continue blending outwards. Use the tiniest amount of product and then keep adding more if needed.

Step 5: Add Definition

Contouring is a trick used to add dimension to your face and define bone structures. It helps make your nose look slimmer and cheekbones more pronounced. Use a bronzer or a contour stick that is a shade or two deeper than your foundation and swipe it along the sides of your face, from your temples to the jawline, making a 3. Use short strokes from the top of the cheekbone down towards the chin and blend.

Quick Tip: An easy way to find the hollows in your cheeks is to suck them in or place a makeup brush diagonally from the outer corner of your lips right up to your ears.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Opt for a warm blush and brush on to your cheekbones, followed by swishing some highlighter across the high points of your cheekbones, inner corner of eyes and the bridge of your nose to enjoy that stunning luminosity. Finish the look with a lipstick of your choice and mascara on the lashes!

Step 7: Set it Up

After putting so much effort into creating such a flawless base, it would be sad to see it smudge. Finish off your base makeup with some makeup setting mist or powder. It will give your face the perfect dewiness and make your skin look super fresh and glowing all day whilst having your makeup stay put for longer.

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A Little Video to Help You!

So, there you have it! Hopefully these steps will help you ace your base effortlessly and make you look super glamorous in no time!

Till then, stay fabulous, diva!

Design: Gaurav P.

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