The 5 Best Foods For Healthy Hair

by Nishtha K
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Having a healthy mane is quite easy when you know what exactly to eat.

We all want healthy, shine hair that is oh-so-gorgeous! You can do so with external help – from hair products to salon stylists, and more. However, there’s a different look about naturally strong, beautiful hair. For one, they’re simply healthier – they have a certain sheen to them – and they don’t damage as easily, which also allows them to grow faster and better.

While a lot of people are simply blessed with good genes that allow for healthier hair, there’s a great cheat code that anyone and everyone has access to – your kitchen! From your everyday vegetables, to super foods to both eat and apply, let us help you nail those lovely locks for good! Read to discover how…

Eat your Greens!

Yes, this isn’t a myth. Green leafy vegetables are your best friend when it comes to strong, healthy hair. And spinach tops the list! Besides being packed with the goodness of fiber, spinach comes with iron and zinc, as well as beta carotene, folate, and Vitamin C. Put together, spinach helps you kick the brittleness out of your hair, which means less breakage, and a great foundation for longer, healthier hair! Onions are also great to promote hair growth, since it comes infused with the goodness of zinc and biotin.

And besides adding onion to your diet, you should know that local application of onion juice to your scalp also speeds up the process of getting stronger, thicker hair by boosting collagen production. It even helps you in stopping premature greying of your hair! Sure, you may have to deal with the pungent smell for a bit, but applying the juice an hour before thoroughly washing your hair has been seen to be a great home recipe to help hair production.

Cool it with Curd

Ah, lovely cooling, calming – and tasty – curd. A staple in Indian diet, curd or yogurt, with its probiotic and anti-inflammatory properties is godsend for your hair. Yogurt or dahi, also comes with Vitamin B5 that helps you combat hair thinning and loss. Not to forget calcium and protein that forms the building blocks of healthy hair and nails! Hair and nails are constantly growing and are replaced within your body and including the likes of yogurt that come packed with goodness of so many nutrients.

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Oh, but there’s always that double whammy! External application of dahi is an equally great idea. Using it as a hair mask, first and foremost, can cool your scalp down, hydrating and rejuvenating your hair alongside. And the best part is that you don’t even need to add anything to the yogurt for it to be a mask. Simply apply it to your scalp and wash out it out after 20-40 mins. What’s more, yogurt masks are extremely effective against dandruff and oil control, and you can use it regularly, without any side effects.

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Go Nuts!

Trust us on this. The sheer amount of Vitamin E that you can derive from nuts will have your hair thanking you. For example, almond oil – and even butter – is your best friend when it comes to increasing the rate at which your hair grows. Don’t expect Rapunzel-like hair overnight though, but over time you can see the difference, simply by adding almond oil to your diet. Bonus: almond oil massages will see your hair looking lustrous and smoother. And as we all know it!

Eating 5-10 almonds everyday, ensures you look good inside-out. Another good source for Omega 3 acids is walnuts. These not only help when it comes to breakage, but also shields you from changes in your hair’s wear and tear, also keeping them darker for longer!

Of Fins and Yolks

Of course, the number one source for direct Omega 3 fatty acids remains fish. The likes of salmon, sardines, and mackerel are fatty fish that come packed with the goodness of these fatty acids, as well as Vitamin D that can boost hair health, as well as growth. These also come with selenium, also a great ingredient to get those beautiful locks. Eggs, too, promote good hair health, since they come with protein and biotin. Keratin, as many of you would know, is an essential hair protein, and biotin promotes the production of this.

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Simply put, having a regular diet of eggs will help your hair growth be boosted. Did we mention eggs can be used for hair masks? A very popular remedy to combat hair damage, eggs have been used in masks for centuries now. You can use the eggs as is, or add some coconut oil, aloe vera, or even yogurt to combine the powers of combatting hair damage and boosting hair growth.

Try these and over time you’ll be able to see the life come back into your hair, have better hair growth, and less breakage – by simply eating right!

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