Bold, Sassy And Edgy – Make Red Lipsticks Your Go-To

by Kirrily Santos
Red lipstick for every look

A quick guide to mastering the art of red lipstick and elevate any look

Do you often find yourself picturing a time wherein a red lipstick would’ve made your outfit standout even more? Or do you see yourself skimming through this bold, sexy shade time and again, but never seem to hit buy now? Or are you just afraid of flaunting this shade owing to your skintone? Well, been there, done that. Whether you’re a makeup mogul or a newbie to the world of cosmetics, a red lipstick will always be on your must-buy and try list. If you plan on opting for that European girl chic vibe or want to add an edgy touch to your ensemble with a bombshell statement, a red lipstick is a quintessential go-to. From a classic, bold red lip, to a saturated maroon pout, the iconic red lip colour never fails to make an impact. It is the ultimate shade for kissable, mistletoe-ready lips and a choice for any occasion.  

But we often do hear a lot of misconceptions associated with red lipstick shades. And we are here to help you chuck each one of them out and ensure you make way for bold, beautiful and edgy AF red lipstick shades.

Find the right red lipstick for you

Red Lips FTW!

Despite what you’ve heard or read, red lips or wearing a red lipstick shade is not considered to be flashy or loud. Although, it didn’t have a good first-impression back in the day, opting for this shade has become popular. And it’s about time we shattered those beliefs and started opting for the bold & the beautiful red lip colour. Moreover, the myth that a red lipstick should be worn only during major occasions like a wedding or night-outs is absolutely not true. A red lipstick is for everyone and can be flaunted by anyone. 

It's Always a Match

Red lipstick is, will and always be considered awesome and flattering. Women with different skintones wear red lips with utmost grace and sass. But if you ever find yourself hesitant about sporting one owing to your skintone, well, think again. No matter what colour your skintone is, there is a red lipstick shade perfect for each one of us. Do not hesitate to flaunt this powerful shade because it is truly something that can add an edgy feel to any look. The key here is to just find the perfect lipstick shades for Indian skintone.

Red lipstick for your skin tone and undertone

It’s pretty simple – check your wrist and look at your veins. This will help you see if you have a cool, neutral or warm undertone. If your veins are bluish in colour, then you belong to a cool undertone and a red lipstick shade with a tints of purple & blue will suit you best. Green veins are paired with warm undertones, so red lipsticks with orange tints are your perfect go-to. And finally, if your veins are a combination of both, then you have a neutral undertone, which means any shade of red will complement you. 

A Universal Hue

Do you need a grand occasion to flaunt a red lip? You absolutely do not. From your regular 9 to 5 to that impromptu dinner date or brunch with the girls over the weekend, a rep lip can be worn to any of these occasions. Moreover, if you’re sprucing up a chic vibe with a shirt dress or a nailing that gorgeous sari, a red lip will surely uplift either. So, the next time you find yourself reaching out for your red lipstick shade, you’re doing the right thing, lady.

Choose your Type

Just like all lip colours, a red lipstick too can be found in different variations and formulas. The reason for choosing the right type is because the way the colour sits on your lips can enhance your look better. A red matte lipstick will definitely look different from a red liquid lipstick or a glossy one. Similarly, the formulation is equally important as it heightens the texture of your lips too. So, don’t ditch the colour because you made the mistake of wearing or choosing the wrong lipstick type.

Red lipsticks that work for every occasion

Try it with a Twist

Basic is boring. And if you thought that there’s just a single way of wearing your red lipstick, that isn’t the case. For instance, if it’s a crème lipstick, set it to matte with some translucent powder and if it’s glossy, use it to top up any other lip colour like a purple, brown, or even black! You can also create an ombre using it just in the inner parts of your lips and smudging out the edges. Mixing and matching is always the key to having fun to know what looks best on you.

To help you choose the best red lipstick online, here are some recommendations from our must-have SUGAR Lipsticks.

Red lipsticks for each occasion
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