Best Skincare Tips For Pre & Post Holi 2021

by Nida S
Best Skincare Tips For Pre & Post Holi 2021

The much-awaited Indian festival full of bright colours is finally here. Holi is one of the most cheerful holidays and brings out our inner child, every year. While we’re all ready to paint our friends and family in vivid hues till they’re unrecognizable or grab a glass of Thandai and hit the dance floor with our mates, let’s not forget to take care of our skin and hair. Most of us have made the right decision to switch to organic and chemical-free, natural colours but you can never be sure. Your skin and hair are your responsibility and it really doesn’t take a lot to protect them from the Holi colours. Here are some easy ways you can have the same fun this year without compromising on your skin and hair quality. Follow these expert-recommended pre and post-Holi care tips to say goodbye to staining!

Pre Holi

Holi is a time of celebration and fun but as we celebrate this festival of colours, we might also sometimes come face to face with immediate skin problems such as skin rashes, pigmentation and more. Here are a few tips to keep up as we celebrate the festival.  

How to Protect Skin from Holi Colors

Use coconut oil

As kids, our moms made sure we oil our hair before we stepped out for Holi celebrations and they weren’t wrong to do so. Similar to petroleum jelly, coconut oil works as a layer between your skin and the colours. Sometimes the colours can also be too harsh on your skin. Oil prevents them from coming in direct contact with your skin and makes it easier to wash the stains off. You can also opt for almond oil which is also packed with vitamin E for extra nourishment. A quick tip to protect your hair from being too exposed to colours – tie them up in a ponytail, bun or even a braid.

Try skin icing

Before starting anything, take an ice cube from your freezer and rub it all over cleansed skin. This will shrink your pores and minimise the risk of Holi colours clogging your pores or making a bigger impact on your skin.

Apply vaseline

This one is the simplest and the oldest hack people have been relying on for years. Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly all over your skin before stepping out to join the fun. Petroleum jelly, commonly known by the most popular brand name Vaseline acts as a barrier between your skin and the chemicals found in the colours. It also helps the colour slip right off when you step into the shower. Don’t forget to apply it on your lips to keep them soft and nourished while you enjoy your day. With this, you can also layer it up at places where colours are stubborn to come off from including your hairline, eyelids, and between your nail cuticles. 

Don’t forget sunscreen!

No excuse is valid to skip sunscreen. Sunscreen is a crucial step and if you’re worried about it washing off with Holi water, opt for a waterproof and broad spectrum sunscreen. Just like petroleum jelly and oil, sunscreen will shield you from the colours and also from the harmful UV rays of the sun. So no more worrying about sunburn or pigmentation too as you play with colours all day long.

5 Pre-Holi Tips For Skin And Hair Care

Wear full sleeves clothes

Protect your skin as much as you can by opting for full-sleeved outfits. It will not only protect your skin from immediate contact with the colours but also prevent any skin harm. But even if you’re going for full sleeves, applying sunscreen is a necessity so do not forget your SPF.

Protect your nails

When it comes to staining, nothing suffers like our nails do after every Holi. to prevent staining, use nail polish to stop the colours from directly touching your nails. This will not only help block the colours from touching your real nails but will also get rid of the colours when you remove your nail paint. To make sure the colours don’t show up on your nails even during the celebrations, go for the darkest shade of nail paint you can find. A couple of coats of a dark nail paint should do the trick and keep staining at bay.

Post Holi Care

So you’ve done everything to protect your skin and hair before you went out to play Holi. But sometimes that is not enough. Your skin deserves some lovin’ and pampering even after you’ve taken all those precautions. Trust these easy hacks to erase all the traces of the Holi from your skin.

Tips to Protect Skin and Hair from Holi Colors

Focus on skin and haircare

Post Holi care is very important for your skin and hair. Go a bit easy on makeup for a few days and use a mild moisturizer whenever you can. For hair – make sure you have washed off all the colour properly, conditioned them and used a good serum so as to not let them go too dry. Also, don’t opt for any hair treatments soon after. Rely on natural and chemical-free products for a while. Try DIYs and choose what’s best for your skin.

Deep cleanse right away

Once you call it a day and get home, use a mild cleanser and wash your face at the earliest. Letting the chemicals and colours stay on your skin for longer will only make the pigment more difficult to wash off. So, the moment you get home, wash your skin with a nice, natural and gentle cleanser.

Use olive oil to remove harsh colour

Olive oil is effective and gentle on the skin when trying to get rid of all the colour from your skin. Simply pour some olive oil on a cotton pad and rub it on your skin to remove the leftover tint from your skin.

Use gentle face masks

If you’re still struggling to get rid of the harsh holi colour, a clay mask will make those struggles vanish. It not only helps deep cleanse but also removes all the dirt and hydrates your skin! This is a great step after the celebration as the colours used can be a little harsh on your skin and a clay mask will get rid of the chemical residue.  Apply your favourite clay mask and wash off once it’s dried.

Alternatively, you can go for a DIY homemade face mask packed with natural ingredients. Try making yourself a simple post-Holi face care mask with skin-benefiting ingredients like besan, turmeric, yoghurt and tomato. Home remedies like a besan and milk or papaya and tomato mask are ideal for detoxing the skin and extremely effective in reducing the skin damage caused due to Holi colours. These masks are especially effective for sensitive skin, they help retain the pH balance of the skin and add nourishment.

Apply it all over your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Yoghurt is marvellous when your skin is irritated. It’s soothing and calms the skin down while honey is known for its antibacterial and healing properties. This power couple works wonders to heal your skin from the havoc the chemicals in the colours might wreak.

Moisturize and hydrate well

This is on both sides. You need to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized. Playing out with colours and water can really take a toll on your skin’s moisture. Once you’re done with the celebration and thorough cleansing, moisturise your skin well and drink a good amount of water. Don’t forget your arms and legs while moisturising!

And that wraps up our hacks and tips to protect your skin from Holi colours. What’s your secret weapon to fight off the staining? Comment and let us all know.

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