BB Cream or CC Cream: Which One Should I Get?

by Swaroopa Deshmukh
BB Cream or CC Cream - Which One Should I Get

If you are confused which one does what to your makeup, we are here to help! Read on to understand BB and CC Creams in detail.

Everybody desires to have the best skin that will flaunt flawless makeup over it but most times it is not that easy. Many a times issues like acne, discolouration, hyperpigmentation, blackheads or a simple tan too can ruin your final look. Which is where base makeup comes in picture. At times when you want to keep your look minimal, you can avoid a whole routine of base makeup and just pick a BB or a CC cream.

Whether you are a newbie at makeup or a complete pro, you surely have heard of BB and CC cream. In spite of this, there are many of us who aren’t really aware of what they do to our skin and how much of a difference they make to the overall look. Well, to simplify it, we are explaining the difference between BB and CC cream in detail while also helping you know when to use them. Keep reading…

What Exactly is a BB Cream?

BB cream stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm and is basically an all-rounder. It is a multi-tasker because it works to protect, moisturize, mattify, and brighten your skin. It is more like a multi-step skincare routine with awesome makeup benefits. It is lightweight and works best for them who are wanting to achieve the no-makeup look or the natural makeup style. It has a light buildable coverage that is great to go glowing but not as glam as a foundation. A BB cream will work as a primer, foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen! Can you believe it? These are available in multiple shades, so you can match it up with your natural skin tone. Make sure you get a shade that is closest to your complexion to help it blend in and look like your own skin.

So go for a great BB cream if your desired result is a natural makeup look while also wanting to have your skin moisturized and protected.

What's a CC Cream?

Now that you know all about a BB Cream, let’s come to CC cream and compare. A CC cream stands for Colour Correcting or Complexion Corrector Cream. As the name suggests, it helps in correcting discolouration including that caused by redness, dullness, acne scarring, dark circles, and so on. This too is lightweight but provides more coverage than a BB cream and works majorly as a primer to even out your skin before applying makeup.  They work well to take care of your wrinkles and age spots while also providing protection to your skin.

CC creams work for all skin types and concerns and are perfect if you want a minimal makeup look but also need a little but more than a BB cream.

How are BB creams and CC creams different from foundation?

One of the major differences between BB, CC creams and foundation is the coverage.  Foundations have slightly thicker coverage. BB and CC creams are lighter and can be used when you are looking for light coverage for redness, blemishes, sun tan or simply opting for a minimalistic nude makeup look. Foundations usually have a upper hand of offering different shade options for various skin tones and differ in formulas – right from liquid, cream to mousse and many more.

So which option should you use?

Which one to pick is quite a subjective answer depending on your requirement. Here are some of the reasons to pick either of the creams.

BB Cream: BB cream is perfect if you are looking for a healthy glow, conceal blemishes, conceal signs of anti-ageing, brighten your skin, need a multi-use product and looking to get a natural makeup look.

CC Cream: You can pick CC cream for correcting unevenness, covering a particular spot, hiding blemishes, for redness, for oily skin and skin protection.

Now that you know what these creams do exactly, make sure you use them correctly and pass on the wisdom to your makeup enthusiast friends.

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