Amp Up Your Outfit With This Stunning Navratri Makeup Look

by Akruti
Easy Way to Glam Up Your Outfit with this Navratri

If you haven’t experienced the cheer of the festive season just yet, you’re surely going to in the upcoming weeks. Next up on the charts is the most loved festival—Navratri, which means envy-worthy lehengas and the ultimate festive makeup look. Given the global pandemic, going out for pujas and twirling in the Garba nights can be questionable, but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise with your traditional ensemble. 

We understand that zeroing down on a one Navratri makeup look amidst the plethora of choices can be daunting, so here is one simple and effortless makeup look that even neophytes can ace. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to level up your Navratri makeup game.

#Step1: Always Start with Good Skincare

After massaging your face with a hydrating moisturizer, it’s time to prime it up. Apply a mattifying face primer similar to Base of Glory Pore Minimizing Primer that’ll leave your skin looking smooth and virtually poreless. It’ll create a clear canvas for your makeup and give your face a flawless finish. 

Glam Up With this Easy Navratri Makeup Look

#Step 2: Set up your Base

Choose a medium to full coverage foundation just like Drop The Base Serum Foundation with a lightweight formula that won’t settle on your fine lines and wrinkles. Buff a light layer over your face, extending onto your neck. Blend it in with a damp beauty blender to get that flawless base. Cover your blemishes and under-eye pigmentation with a creamy concealer. Use a full-coverage concealer like Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer that blurs imperfections for 8 hours straight. 

Dust a translucent powder on the shiny zones of your face—especially the nose, T-zone and under-eye area. 

#Step 3: Define your Cheekbones

Pick a powder bronzer like the Contour De Force Mini Bronzer in the shade that suits your complexion. Dust it off on the hollows of your cheekbones, forehead and nose, making sure you use a light hand and blend well. Then, add a pretty pop of colour to your apples with a blush. Use a lightweight powder blush just like Contour De Force Mini Blush and swirl it onto the tops of your cheeks.

Easy Navratri Makeup Look To Glam Up Your Outfit (03)
Easy Navratri Makeup Look To Glam Up Your Outfit (04)

#Step 4: It's time for the Eyes

Fill in your brows with a brow definer and apply it to the underside of your brows and continue it toward the tail. Make soft, upward strokes to mimic hair. Comb it off with a spoolie. After applying an eye primer all over your lids, buff on a warm shade on  your crease area with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Take a warm neutral eyeshadow palette similar to Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette with creamy and super pigmented hues.

Follow it up by swirling a light-toned coral shade carefully on the crease area with a light hand. Apply the same shade with your fingertips onto the rest of your lid area for intense colour pop. Don’t miss out on your lower lash liner. Shine the inner corner of your eyes with a light champagne like eyeshadow shade. After setting your makeup with a hydrating setting spray, tight line your eyes to accentuate them. To do so, use a smudge-proof eyeliner similar to Born To Wing Gel Eyeliner and dot-dash the product onto the upper lash line. Create wings because why not! Sweep on coats of mascara after. 

Step 5: Lastly, your Pout!

Begin with applying a nourishing lip balm that’ll keep your pout hydrated and prepped for lipstick application. Outline your lips using a liner for a puckered lips. Grab a water-resistant gel formula just like Lipping On The Edge Lip Liner to ace the flawless lip edges. Then swipe a matching creamy nude lipstick over your lips to complete the look. Use a lightweight and richly pigmented formula similar to Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick in the shade Warm-toned coral straight from the bullet for rich colour payoff and subtle glam. 

That’s all amigos! Try this easy festive makeup look and pair it with a regal outfit to amp up in the Navratri 2021.

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