Your Handy Guide To Ace The Perfect Eyeliner Wings

by Nishtha K
Your Handy Guide To Ace The Perfect Eyeliner Wings

If there’s one thing that’s every girl’s nightmare, it is nailing the perfect winged eyeliner. Well, if you are someone who sweats it out at the slightest mention of a winged eyeliner, you’re in luck! We’re about to put an end to your woes with a handy manual on how to hack that perfect eyeliner look. So, read on!

We aren’t new to the timeless cat eye or winged eyeliner look. It has never been more in vogue, especially with countless makeup moguls and bloggers flaunting it almost daily. There is something about the eyeliner wing look that looks flattering on everyone, irrespective of their eye shape. The extra flick of liner adds just that extra little dash of boldness no matter what the occasion. 

The beauty of this look is that it can be as sultry, eye-catching, poppy and as soft & casual as you want. A little flick of liner can add glamour and grace, a long swipe is a great companion for a day out in town and a dramatic wing can be the perfect finishing touch to that bold ensemble for your party! And while all this may make nailing the perfect winged eyeliner a child’s play, perfecting it can also lead to a big mess. From multiple attempts to literally looking like a ghost and eventually giving up & opting for a simple eyeliner instead. Phew! We know the pain.

Lining your eyes effortlessly is no easy feat. It requires more than a steady hand and tons of patience & practice. With so many winged eyeliner hacks out there, zeroing in on the one that’s simple for you and not confusing is difficult as hell!

That’s where we want to help! We’ve put together a few tips in this winged eyeliner tutorial to help you learn how to create a bold eyeliner wing with ease!

Eyeliner tips & tricks 1

The Extension Look

The major struggle with a winged eyeliner is to get them even on both sides. And if you’re someone who often struggles with doing so, then you need to just use your lower lash line as the guide. After you’re done lining the upper lash line, start by creating the flick as if it is an extension of your lower lash line. Once you’ve nailed the bottom line, connect the tip to the rest of the top line & fill in. Make sure you don’t start the inner line from the tip of the line you drew first. The idea is to leave a bit of tip so it looks like a real wing. Now, replicate the look on your other eye, and you’re good to go!

Follow the Dots & Dashes

No, we’re not talking about the game ‘connect the dots’, but this definitely is the perfect way to create the perfect eyeliner wing! If you’re a newbie to the eyeliner world, this method will surely be the easiest to follow. Start with placing tiny dots along your lash line so as to pre-define the shape you want your wing to be. Always start drawing dots from your inner side of the eye to the outer to get a fair idea about the thickness of the liner. Once done, just connect the dots to create the outlines and fill it in. Once done, draw slightly thinner dashes in an upward motion to draw the wings. It’s easier to clean these off and draw them again if you go wrong, without ruining the rest of your liner, so go nuts! Replicate this look on your other eye too and wing it!

Eyeliner tips & tricks 2
Eyeliner tips & tricks 3

Tape It!

Believe it or not, but every lady, trying to ace the perfect winged eyeliner has used tape for a quick hack. It is a very popular eyeliner tip used by women all over the world to nail the elusive winged look. To start off with this method, stick a tiny piece of tape as an extension of your lower lash line as shown in the image. Make sure the tape you use isn’t too sticky as it can leave behind a greasy feel, thereby ruining the end result. Once you place your tape precisely, with the help of it, draw your wings with ease, remembering to stop where your eyebrow ends. The best part about this method is that you can be as messy as you want, owing to the tape, that’ll be ripped out anyway! Replicate the same for your other eye and you’ve got yourself some razor sharp wings to flaunt!

Centre first

Not to sound rude, but this method is slightly more useful for intermediate wingers who have passed the beginner stage of nailing winged eyeliners with flying colours! Start by drawing your basic lined look from the centre of your eye to your outer corner. Once done, connect this to your inner corners, starting from the inside. Measure and draw your wing from the edge of your face to the liner end and then fill in the gaps well. Replicate the same steps for your other eye too. If you feel like one or the other wing is too thick, you can simply clean it up rather than making the thinner wing thicker. To do this, take a Q-tip and dip it in some cleanser. Now, with one strong, thin flick, clean out that extra line and you’re ready to go!

Eyeliner tips & tricks 4

Keep it in the Hood

This one goes out to all you lovelies with hooded eyes and often feel that sporting winged eyeliner looks will be OTT. And truth be told, it is somewhat difficult to nail the perfect winged liner for hooded eyes because if not done the proper way then the craftily drawn winged liner will fail to show up. To avoid this ordeal, replace the thin flick with a bold rectangular one. Start by marking out the most visible part on top of the upper lash and draw a rhombus-like box using the cues. Next, draw out your wing from the edge of the outside. Finish the wing by leaving a bit of a tip and connect it to your rectangle and shade it in. Simple, you now have visible wings!

Useful Eyeliner Tips!

Yay! If you’ve found these eyeliner hacks useful, here are some more tips experts swear by to nail the perfect winged eyeliner:

  • Practice makes perfect! For newbies in the world of a winged eyeliner, you may want to start with a felt-tip eyeliner (try the ‘Wingman Waterproof Microliner – 01 I’ll Be Black’). Not only will you be able to navigate it better since it’s like a pen, you’ll also understand how much pressure is required where.
  • Note: Never pull your eyes out to make your wing or line them. Doing so will stretch your skin and when it snaps back in place, your liner will look patchy.
  • Practice applying your liner with one hand. Rest your palm on your face for better grip and – if needed – rest your elbow on a table when you apply your liner.
  • If you plan on going for a bold smokey eye look but ended up with raccoon eyes, we know how to help. The key to avoiding this is lining very close to your lower lash line, then following it up with a thin smudge brush. This will keep the product from spreading too low.

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Perfecting the winged eyeliner is an important skill that each of us aspire to ace or have already aced it. It’s a great way to create a ton of looks using it, or you could just sport it by itself. So, spread your wings and fly high!


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