Brow wow! Simple tips to get the perfect eyebrows

by Nishtha K

Only relying on your beautician to give you great eyebrows? Naaah! Here’s a cheat-sheet to get beautiful eyebrows after the appointment is over!

While it may seem to you like a bit of an exaggeration, eyebrows really are the mainstay of your face – they’re what frame your looks and keep you looking like, well, you! Don’t believe us? Let your eyebrows grow out one month and see the difference it makes to your face. Or, pick up a picture of yours when uber-thin eyebrows were in vogue. Your reaction, we already know, will be ‘Wow, I look different!’ And that’s because you did! That’s how important eyebrows are to your face and whole look.

So, isn’t it important to treat them right? We mean, of course, letting the neighbourhood salon groom it once a fortnight or once a month. Or even simply grooming it by yourself at home once in a while? It absolutely is! Don’t worry about running from pillar to post to find out best practices to ensure your eyebrows get the best, because SUGAR’s here to help. Stop fretting, and read up, honey!

Clean up!

This is naturally the first step, and a very important one! When you clean your face thoroughly in the bath, very little attention is actually paid to the eyebrows, even though they require an equal amount of care. The idea is this: your eyebrows aren’t self-cleaning, or on your face by default. If you want healthy eyebrows, you need to consciously clean them. Nothing major though (even though you could get your hands on special eyebrow conditioners) just your facewash will do. Take a little extra product – don’t overdo it – and rub it gently onto your eyebrows before rinsing it out. Never rub your eyebrows too hard. Understand that these are sensitive hair and will fall if fiddled with too much. Not to mention the skin under your brows can feel irritated and red too. Moisturize the area a little on the regular, and you’re good!

Getting help

Listen up, we can’t stress on this enough. See a professional beautician or aesthetician to do your eyebrows. You may choose to wax or thread it – a lot of factors go into choosing your preferred method, including your hair growth, pain threshold, and more – but consult the professional to decide this in the first go. While waxing is a quicker method, especially if you have naturally shapely eyebrows, threading can help you get rid of in-grown hair even better. It’s especially best to have professional help if you’re trying to make changes to your eyebrows. It could be anything from changing the thickness to making minor fixtures to your arch shape. It can get especially difficult to have perfectly mirrored eyebrows at home, so do your research well, find an aesthetician who understands your needs – and the shape of your face – and see them on the regular.

Quick fix at home

Taking care of your beautiful brows doesn’t just stop after the trip to your aesthetician, though. In the 3-5 weeks that you will not see them, you need to ensure that you maintain and go full steam ahead with your eyebrows’ upkeep too! These tips are also for you if you like to simply shape your eyebrows at home. First things first, ensure that your eyebrows are aligned to your shape. It’s very easy to figure this at home. Take a pencil and hold it vertically on top of your nostril, all the way up to your forehead. This is where your eyebrows must begin for them to be proportionate. To find where the arch must lie, place the pencil on the tip of your nose and angle it across your pupil.

When you’re plucking out excess hair from around your eyebrows, make sure you keep this line in mind and tweeze off extra hairs from whatever is outside this too. Make sure you have a good quality tweezer in your eyebrow kit handy, always!

Fill ‘er up!

We know getting that elusive, defined brow isn’t an easy task, and simply shaping your eyebrows won’t ever make the cut. Always keep a brow definer – we recommend SUGAR’s very own ‘Arch Arrival Brow Definer’ for this – handy. It’s just a common myth that a brow definer is only meant for people with sparse eyebrows. Nope! Everyone who wants to ace their eyebrow game can use it, especially to ensure they look uniform throughout. Ensure you find your perfect colour for the definer; you don’t want them looking unnatural, take it from us. The Indian skin and hair tone demands you use dark browns, but never blacks or lighter browns.

Twist the pencil only a little bit for some product and never apply it very hard. Use the tip of the pencil to highlight your arches and edges and fill the rest of it well. Blend well, and voila! You now have envious eyebrows like never before!

There you go: it’s as simple as that to ensure your eyebrow game is on point! Let us know your secret tips and tricks to acing the eyebrow game in the comments below.

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