8 Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Fave Ladies

by Swaroopa D
8 Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Fave Ladies

Valentine’s Eve has been hijacked by our new favourite holiday! Know what Galentine’s Day is all about and how to celebrate it with your gal pals.

If you thought Valentine’s Day is the only day for love in February, think again. Galentine’s Day is a new kid on the block that became a thing in the past decade. It is dedicated to celebrating your friendship and love with your girl gang, and well why would you argue with that? We’ve had many novice holidays that were popularized by TV shows including the most famous Festivus from Seinfeld and Chrismukkah from The O.C. But this one has our heart! Thank Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, who came up with this flattering day on the show giving us an official day to appreciate our favourite ladies. 

Whether you are single or planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, take some time out and make February 13th special with your girls. Wondering how to make this come to life? We have some fun Galentine’s Day ideas that you can choose from, scroll through our list and DM your gang to be there!

Galentine's Day ideas

Arrange a Galentine’s Brunch

Start the special day with your girls by indulging in a huge spread of awesome brunch. If you are throwing a Galentine’s Day party, make sure you are doing it right. Have a breakfast menu of waffles, mimosas, pancakes, crêpes, smoothies, eggs benedict and more. Celebrate your friendship as you gobble up your fave dishes, because sis, nothing brings friends together like digging good food.

Give Each Other Makeovers

Give each other the confidence to try out new stuff by doing a makeover together. You can dye your hair a pink, red or any other groovy colour you always wanted but couldn’t. Pick out a plum lipstick for your BFF who’s been shying away from it but secretly wanting to try. If you or some of your girls have been struggling to ace the winged eyeliner, learn and nail it together this time around.

Galentine's Day ideas

Binge Watch Movies or Shows

Have a chick-flick marathon with your girls and have a fun-filled day staying in. You can also pay tribute to this day and watch Parks and Recreation’s Galentine’s Day episode that started this phenomena in the first place. Get some popcorn, cold drinks and celebrate friendship with your gal pals like never before.

Exchange Gifts

One of the most important rituals for the day is the Galentine’s Day gifts exchange. Just like in the show, it would be fun if you could get super personalised gifts for all your ladies. You can go with personalised gift boxes that will show the uniqueness and thought you put into your gift. If you want them to pick things of their choice, gift cards are also a great option to go for.

Plan a Ladies Night

Nothing screams ladies night like dressing up your fanciest best and hitting the club with your favourite bunch. Look your best as you try trending makeup looks like dewy skin, stained lips, graphic eyeliner and more. Be that gang of divas who are ready to take over the town on Galentine’s Day!

Do a Swatch Party

Gather all the lipsticks you and your ladies recently purchased and have a little swatch party of your own. There’s nothing as fun as getting mesmerized by fun and vibrant lipstick shades you might or might not have tried. Pick your favourites and show them off as you try newer ones from your friend’s kit.

Go Shopping

There’s nothing as fun as going shopping with your girls. But if you are a lazy bunch, you can shop online too and help each other pick lipsticks, highlighters, nail colours and more. Among many Galentine’s Day activities, this one works best for most groups of girls and we’re sure you’d have fun doing it too.

Galentine's Day gifts
Spa day at home party

Have an At Home Spa Day

Stay in and give your skin a little TLC by having an At Home Spa Day! Throw on some sheet masks with your besties and have fun as you add selfies on your stories and take the gram by storm. You can also try clay masks or peel-off masks and make the spa day a bonding experience for your girl gang.

Now that you know what your options are, you can have a great Galentine’s Day celebration with your gal pals! Do let us know what you are planning for the special day in the comments below.

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