Try these Colourful Eyeliner Looks for a Bold Statement!

by Akruti
8 Vibrant Eyeliner Makeup Looks To Try

Welcome to the world of electric blue cat eyes, extra edgy coral pop fishtail eyeliner and lime green winged eyeliner looks.

With protective masks shielding us every time we get out of the house, playing with our eyes has become our daily exercise. So why wear your liner the same way? From multi-coloured muse to sultry smudged kohl lids, 2021 has been all about eye makeup. Much like a wardrobe capsule, your makeup tends to go bland and demands something extra. Whether pop singers like Ariana Grande or B-town divas like Deepika Padukone, everyone is ready to experiment with their eyes. 

Tbh, you can definitely rock a cat flick or 80s rimmed eyes, but this time, we are going strong, brave and fearless. Girls and boys, black smokey eyes are old news now; try these hypnotic coloured eyeliner looks, from simple to bolder—plus a few looks that’ll surely make head turns. So, grab your liner, folks, and join us in the journey. Try these looks with the SUGAR Eye Lit You So! Vivid Eyeliner that comes in a staggering range of six electrifying highly-pigmented matte finish shades.

#1 Make Way for Green Cat-Eye Drama

Green eyeliner might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but trust us, this will undoubtedly fuel up your creativity. Style your summery beach day dress with this bold yet chic green cat-eye look. The colour is dark enough to accentuate your lash lines and make our eyes look bigger. To recreate this, prime your lids and pick your fave liquid or gel eyeliner. Create a crisp, thick cat-eye and pair it with emerald green over it. Keep it precise and neat for a clean look like hers.

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#2 Amp up with Yellow Winged Eyeliner Look

Don’t know about you, but this perfect mix of bright and sultry eyeliner colour will instantly uplift tired eyes. Add texture to your eye look by adding a poppy colour like yellow across the lid and layer it with similar eyeshadow or not. The only trick here is to pick a bright and highly pigmented shade, so it accentuates your natural-looking eyes. For extra detail, add black winds under it.

#3 Make a Statement with Coloured Eyeliner Looks

Create a loud, creative eyes with minimal efforts with your favourite blue and pink. This all-glam party look is edgy, moody and unexpected, yet surprisingly gorgeous.  All you need is a neutral coloured primer, that’ll prevent your artistic eyes from fading or smearing and two matte-finish eyeliners.  If you want a more vivid colour, go ahead and pair the eyeliners with a lighter shade of pink and swirl it over your lids.

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#4 Jazz it up with Neon Eyeliner

Neon eye makeup? Yes please Flaunt your artistry by teaming up summery hues on both the top and bottom of the eyes. Neon pink and orange will surely bring some heat to your mundane look. Add a creative twist with a variety of combinations to your traditional black, brown and navy tones. The subtle yet popping colours, orange and pink, work well together, creating a nice contrast. Add the punch of neon green in the shape of a crisp wing to master this magnificent work of art.

#5 Flaunt the Vibrant Blue Graphic Eyeliner

The bolder you go, the better you get. Update your classic winged eyeliner with a fun graphic element. An approachable transition for beginners, this intriguing royal blue colour is a great shade for those who tend to shy away from full-blown eyeshadow. To recreate this timeless look, draw along the lash line like a standard winged liner, including a flick and create an arrow from the mid-brow bone to the wingtip. 

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#6 Go for Feisty Ruby Red Eyeliner Trend

If deeper and muted tones are your thing, this ruby red eyeliner is perfect for testing out. Pair black eyeliner with Craft a normal winged eyeliner and double it up with a black liner; the contrast helps the eye colour. The details are party and pretty at the same time. Add a red coloured mascara to go monochrome.

#7 Make your Eyes Pop with White Eyeliner

Get so much drama in so little time with gorgeous matte white eyeliner. To recreate your own version, just trace the upper lid with a highly pigmented white liquid eyeliner towards the outer corner of your eye, and double it up for a thicker edge. Add coats of mascara, and don’t forget to brighten the inner corners of your eyes.

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Image Credits: Pinterest
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Image Credits: Pinterest

#8 Indulge in Dreamy Teal Smokey Eyes

Add a modern twist and a subtle pop colour with this fun yet sophisticated eyeliner look. If you are looking for something simple yet chic, try this excellent couture teal blue colour that’ll surely attract many gazes. Take a blendable formula, apply a thin coat of liner and smudge all the way through the top and bottom. Use a brush if you want a clean and sharp look. Start with a thin layer and work it up for a dramatic effect. 

Hey, we get it —it’s sometimes scary to try something new, but these looks will indeed find comfort in your go-to makeup look. These unique and charismatic eye makeup will definitely attract tons of glances, and we promise you won’t go unnoticed.

Be fearless and reign the world with these coloured eyeliners.

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