8 Gorgeous Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Indian Brides

by Kirrily Santos
8 Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Brides

WE get it! Planning a wedding is not easy. From the venue to the guestlist, catering and more, it really is stressful. But while you’re worrying about so many things, we’re here to make your life easy by giving you one less thing to worry about.

Your bridal hairstyle.

It’s quite possible to get overwhelmed with the variety of options available for Indian bridal hairstyles. And with your wedding day fast approaching and your outfit ready to be worn, if you can’t figure out which Indian wedding hairstyle, we’ll help!

Gone are the days when brides stuck to the traditional red veil or ghoonghat over their head, which leaves hardly any room for a boring bun and no other hairstyle experiments. However, over the years, brides of today, breaking stereotypes, boldly have chosen to not follow the traditional way and opt for the contemporary route with regards to their bridal outfits, makeup and hairstyles!

From traditional to braids, messy buns or a fishtail braid covered with flowers, we’ve seen brides flaunt some of the most stunning hairstyles on their special day. 

So, whether you want to achieve a dramatic look for a night reception or want to keep it neat and light during the day, our curated list of Indian wedding hairstyles will totally rock!

The Fishtail Braid

One of the most sought after hairstyles; the classic fishtail braid is something that is opted for by many brides, even today. Although there are various tweaks done over the years with regards to its looks, this basic go-to offers a simple and elegant style. You can choose to keep it minimalistic by adding just some hair accessories and a few flowers. Or, you can go all out and opt for some more flowers like Sonam Kapoor on her special day! Just ensure your hair is set in place to avoid any frizz and pin it up tightly with a clip or band to ensure the flowers don’t fall off.

Fishtail-braid bridal hairstyle for Indian Brides
Image Credits: Pinterest
Classic-bun-with-flowers bridal hairstyle for Indian brides
Image Credits: Doll You Up By Shradha Luthra

A Classic Bun with Flowers

If you’re someone who likes keeping it old-school, then the classic bun should be your go-to. The best part about this hairstyle is that it suits anyone with any hair type. It is the most commonly preferred look, primarily because flaunting it gives you more space to experiment with your outfit or jewelry, since it won’t be covered under your locks! And just because you’re opting for this, it surely doesn’t have to be boring. You can amp it up with some accessories, flowers, add some lovely Gajra around it or even hair jewelry. Pro Tip: Instead of opting for basic bobby pins, try using a floral bobby pin at the centre.

Classy Loose Curls

Which bride doesn’t love a subtle, romantic look? Especially if you’re someone who loves keeping it minimal, opting for classy loose curls is the ideal choice of bridal hairstyle for you. This hairstyle is inspired by beach waves. Make sure you condition your hair before using a curling iron. You can top it off with a semi flower tiara made up of roses or flowers of your choice and finish it up with a small braid. This is the ideal way to show off your long locks and to let them cascade down your shoulder. Another best part about this hairstyle is that it is quick and easy to do it yourself too! 

PS: Perfect for lockdown home weddings!

Loose-Curls bridal hairstyle for Indian brides
All-Over-Flowers bridal hairstyle for Indian Brides
Image Credits: Pinterest

All Over Flowers

Another famous bridal hairstyle for brides to be is the all over flowers braid. Flowers are usually known as a symbol of good luck and prosperity for South Indian brides. Covering one’s head with flowers instantly lends an idyllic look. Moreover, in states like Karnataka and Andhra, the braid is decorated with ornaments called Jadabilla. Traditionally, they are made with gold, but are now usually replaced with prettier floral alternatives. Depending on your saree colour, you can get the size, colours and type of flowers customised too!

Loose Messy Bun

Girls with medium length hair – Say I! Who said a messy bun is just for days when you haven’t washed your hair. It is a great way to amp any look, giving it a contemporary twist. Whether you have curly hair, wavy or straight, a loose messy bun is perfect for you. Moreover, if you’ve chosen to have an outdoor summer wedding or a beach wedding, this bridal hair-do is the perfect choice. All you need is some volumizing spray, hairpins and flowers if required. You can even add a cute floral tiara to give that perfect crown effect. We are drooling over this hairdo! Aren’t you?

Loose-Messy-Bun Bridal Hairstyle for Indian Brides
Image Credits: Pinterest
Simple and straight bridal hairstyle for Indian brides
Image Credits: Pinterest

Simple and Straight

Timeless, simple and quick! If you’re a no-hassle bride to be, opting for a classy straighten or blow dried hairdo is the perfect choice. You don’t have to break your head behind this, because all you need is a hair straightener, hair dryer and some hair setting spray. For brides who choose to wear a simple outfit, this classy ironed tresses’ hairdo will surely help you slay. However, you can top it off by starting with a bubble twist braid in the center and letting the rest of your locks fall freely over your shoulders. A few flowers, bobby pinks and you’re all set!

Beach Waves

If you want to steal the limelight, go for beach waves! Minimal effort, major slayin’. It’s a great way to embrace your luscious locks and play around with them by just curling the ends. Be it a wedding gown or a heavily embroidered bridal lehenga, this hairdo will match just about anything. Moreover, it’s easy to ace and doesn’t require frequent touch ups. You can choose to amp it up by adding some dainty flowers on top, floral bobby pins or a lovely headpiece on the top that brings out the true feminine beauty in you!

Beach-Waves Bridal Hairstyle for Indian Brides
Image Credits: @hairbykaelynchristine
Waterfall-braid----half-up-half-down bridal hairstyle
Image Credits: Pinterest

Waterfall Braid -- Half Up, Half Down

Ethereal and romantic; the waterfall braid is a beautiful hairdo for all wedding or pre-wedding events. A simple braid coupled with free-flowing locks equals to dreamy! This lovely hairstyle can make every head turn! The upper part of your hair features tiny braids sitting prettily at the center followed by loose curls flowing down to create the illusion of a waterfall gushing out. Don’t miss out on adding gorgeous floral elements to make it even better!

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