6 Different Ways To Use Your Highlighter!

by Kirrily Santos

Did you know you can use your highlighter in more ways than one? If you didn’t, read on to find out how this makeup essential breaks all rules and truly shines as a multitasker!

Whether you have one of it or an enviable collection, highlighters add that touch of ultimate radiant glow and oomph to your makeup looks. But, apart from your cheekbones, applying highlighter need not be limited to just your face. Yes! There are tons of other ways you can use your favourite highlighter. And we promise, once you start understanding thus little multitasker, there’s no going back!

#1: As an Eyeshadow Base

Using matte eyeshadow formulas can leave your lids feeling dry. To avoid that, apply some highlighter as a base coat before your eyeshadow. This will add an additional edge to your eye makeup as well as sass up your eye makeup colour even more!

#2: Works as Shimmer Eyeshadow

If you happen to come across a cool eye makeup look but don’t have any shimmer eyeshadows, fret not! Your highlighter can help. After you apply your desired eyeshadow colour, top it off with highlighter using a brush. And you’re done! Shimmer eye makeup FTW.

#3: Focus Beyond the High Points

Apart from your nose, chin and cheekbones, highlight the dips of your face such as the inner corners of your eyes, your cupid bow, and even under your lips to make them look bigger. Don’t forget your collar bones, too!

Easy steps to apply highlighter

#4: Liquid Highlights, FTW!

Mixing liquid highlighter with your body lotion give you a super healthy glow, making your skin look gorgeous! But remember not to go overboard with the highlighter.

#5: Use as an Eyeliner

If you love gel, jelly or liquid highlighters, then you’re in for a treat! Just dip a flat head brush into the highlighter formula and trace your wing.

#6: Conceal it Out!

If you can’t seem to get rid of those dark circles, highlighters’ got your back! Use this product beneath your eyes to lighten up the under-eye area. Layer it beneath your concealer to fake a well-rested look. But ensure that the highlighter formula has no glitter particles.

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So, come on! Make full use of your highlighters, because trust us, it’s one hell of a product – one that’s always got your back, or should we say, your GLOW!

Design: Sandrine M.

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