10 Nail Art Trends 2021 Is Loving And Tips To Ace Them!

by Kirrily S
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Nail up! Trending manicures you need to try

We get it, we’re all home and we’re bored. But instead of contemplating if you should cut your own bangs, let’s try this. We’re sharing 10 nail arts designs and how to recreate them. These are incredibly easy, require just a few minutes and look super cute with any OOTD. Whether you’re in the mood for something plain and classic, or something unique and innovative, we’ve got something that covers any mood or occasion. From solid pastels to mask-coordinated, here are 10 trendy manicures you need to try your hand at (get it?).

Let’s dive in!

Pastel Love

The pastel storm came out of nowhere and took everyone by surprise. Pastel eyeshadow, eyeliner and now, nails, seem to be all the rage. If you want to be on trend, all you need is a nice pastel nail paint. Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry. Once dried, apply your favourite pastel nail paint in a thin coat. Repeat once that’s dried for maximum opacity and top it off with a glossy or matte top coat and you’re done! It’s just that simple.

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Colourful French Manicure

From Selena Gomez to Kylie Jenner, celebrities have been flaunting the traditional French manicured nails with a contemporary twist! For this, you’ll need a clear, glossy nail paint and instead of a white, pick a bright neon shade of your choice. Apply a thin coat of the clear nail polish and let it dry. Then, apply your desired vibrant nail paint only on the tips. You can also use the go-to tape technique for this. Simply cover your nail with a cello tape, keeping the tips exposed and get as messy as you want while applying your neon polish.

Once it dries, peel off the tape and you’ll be left with perfectly crisp lines. Top it off with another coat of the glossy polish.

Skittles Manicure

Harry Styles fan? Yeah, same. This iconic trend caught on after the singer was spotted rocking multi-coloured nails on numerous occasions. Because of how colourful it is, the term “skittles nails” was coined as it closely resembles the candy. While different shades of nail paint on each finger is nothing new, Harry Styles definitely brought back the forgotten trend. For this, all you need is a bunch of nail paints from various colour families. Paint ‘em on as you please and you’re done!

Mask Matched

Safety, but then make it fashionable!  Face masks may cover most of our makeup but that doesn’t mean we suppress our creative side. People on the internet always find a way and they’ve come through, this time as well. How? By matching your nails to your mask. You can go as simple as you like by painting them in the same colour as your mask or even replicating the patterns on your mask. In our books, this one wins the creativity award!

Green Queen

Go green! The colour green has made a comeback. Whether it’s a pastel green or a deep, vampy green, this stunning hue is in this year. If you’re rocking this shade in any style, you’re doing it wrong. Just like the mask trend, this can be worn as a solid colour or with intricate patterns, all up to you. Honestly, the only person who might not be on board with this trend is Michelle Visage.

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Floral and Fruity

Life’s too short to hate on pretty florals. After the strawberry dress obsession, the internet has now fallen in love with drawing fruits on their nails. Fruits and dainty flowers is the newest trend that’s been blowing up since late 2020/early 2021 and we’re here for it. For this, all you need is a tiny brush with a nail paint of your choice to draw on the flowers. Start by making tiny stripes on your nails to mimic the look of petals. Connect them all in the middle and thicken them as you please.

Once the petals are ready and conjoined in the middle, use a pencil and add a dot of yellow to create the pistil, i.e., the centre of the flower. Paint it over a fun colour or just a clear nail paint, it’s going to look just as fab!

Sophisticated Stripes

Simple yet striking. This nail art is perfect for the minimalists who like to keep things elegant and pretty. The beauty of this manicure is that it goes well with every outfit and adds a drizzle of chic to every look. For this, all you need is nail paints of your choice and a tiny brush. If you can’t find a nail art kit with thin brushes, you can also pick a slim eyeliner brush to draw on the stripes (just ensure you don’t use the brush around your eyes again). Paint your nails with a base colour and once that’s tried, use a tiny brush to draw stripes on your nails.

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These can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, thick or thin, however you want them. If you’re struggling to get thin lines, you can also try using cello tape as stencil.

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Font or Graffiti

Got things to say? Speak to the hand! The newest nail trend includes graffiti or font on your nails in calligraphy. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Hailey Bieber and more have been flaunting this manicure all over their social media. This might look very difficult to recreate but with a little practice, you’ll get there. Start with a base coat of your choice. For the letters, start very slow and build as you go. If you want a quicker way to do it, you can also get stickers in that font or print out letters in the font, stick it on your base coat and seal it in place with a clear top coat.

Whether you decide to write it on or stick on the letters, ensure you apply a nice layer or top coat.

Cow Print

After cheetah print dominated the fashion industry for years, it’s time for cow print. Let’s be honest, this one’s really cute and unique. All you need for this one, a white or nude nail paint and black polish for the spots. Apply your base coat i.e. your nude or white shade and let it dry. Once that’s done, dot some black on your nail and smear it out a little with a toothpick. These spots can be random and any size you like. You may complete this by applying a glossy top coat to add some luster.

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Abstract Waves

Similar to the stripes nail art, this one calls for random waves on your nails. It’s just as sophisticated as the stripes but it looks a little more fun and casual. This one’s kinda like the stripes manicure but in italics, if you will. Just like the stripes one, pick any shades of nail paint you like, apply base coat and let it dry. Use a thin brush and draw on slim lines on your nails with a different colour. Once tried, apply a coat of clear nail paint on top.

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