10 Makeup Tips and Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired

by Akruti
Makeup tips to make you look less tired

You cannot deny it—sometimes your late-night shenanigans stare back at you in the mirror and reveal its weariness. If your body feels Ugh, every Monday morning, imagine what your delicate skin might go through. Rather than cursing the day and wishing it to be over soon, there are few things you can do, of course, not just with makeup that can give instant life to your dull and exhausted face.

There is nothing better for your skin than clocking 8 hours of sleep. But let’s face it, you are one of those nocturnal beings who want quick fixes and instant achievable makeup tricks and tips to fake the fresh-faced look. No judgment here! Follow these surefire beauty hacks that will perk up your face and give it a vibrant glow in no time.

Tip 1: Cold water helps

Splash your face with cold water before applying any makeup for tired eyes. The primary cause of your exhausted face is dehydration. Stress and environmental aggressors drain all the moisture from your skin, making it dry and wrinkly. Besides loading up your body with tons of water, a cold splash every morning can take away all the lethargy and relax the tired face and eyes.

Makeup tips to look less tired 1

Tip 2: It's all about the eyes

Under eyes are the most delicate part of your skin and instantly leaks all your secrets. Make sure to de-puff those dark rings with hydrating eye patches, cool tea bags or nourishing cream. Use hydrating eye creams like SUGAR Coffee Culture Firming Eye Cream that instantly energizes the under-eye area, reduces swelling, inflammation and minimizes any redness.

Tips to make your eyes look less tired 1

Tip 3: Increase vitamin C intake

Uneven skin tone, acne, premature signs of ageing or general dullness—you name it, Vitamin C will take care of it. This legendary skincare ingredient is a potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals like UV rays and pollutants and repairs dull and damaged skin cells making your skin soft and supple.

Tip 4: Conceal the tiredness

We have all been there— a morning glimpse of dark under eyes cannot make your day better. Use a bright and liquid concealer like SUGAR Magic Wand Waterproof Concealer and dab the pigment right in the inner corner of your eyes to avoid shadows and a haggard look.

Tip 5: Groom your arches

Eyebrows play a crucial role in a fresh-faced appearance. Thick brows are a sign of youth. It frames your face and lifts up your eyes, giving it a spryer and relaxed vibe. Pick a long-wearing, budge-proof eyebrow powder like SUGAR Arch Arrival Brow Powder that fills in the sparse areas and provides more natural and thicker-looking brows.

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Tip 6: Use a nude or white eyeliner

Don’t rely on your monotonous black liner when you want to fake a good night’s sleep. White/nude liners not only make your eyes look bigger but also look more awake. Just trace your upper lid with the white pencil and go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with minimal effort.

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Tip 7: Curl your lashes

Mascara is a magical beauty product that instantly makes your eyes look bigger and better. Wiggle a volumizing mascara like SUGAR Lash Of The Titans Mascara through your middle and outer lashes, sweep through and repeat. Use an eyelash curler to get more visibly fanned-out lashes without six coats of mascara.

Tip 8: Rediscover blush

This no-brainer beauty hack will make your pale complexion bloom. TBH, regardless of your mood or tantrum, make a note to always wear blush. Use a lightweight formula like SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Blush or dewy cheek tint that adds a flash of glow and scores that perfectly flushed look within seconds.

Makeup tips to look less tired 4

Tip 9: Go with bright lips

You heard it right. Nude or subtle lip colours don’t accentuate your lips, whereas bright lipsticks like bold red make your teeth whiter and take the attention away from your haggard face. The SUGAR Matte Attack Transferproof Lipstick in the shade of spring crimson compliments your smile and makes you picture ready. 

Tip 10: Facial massage works!

Last but the most crucial beauty hack to get plump, soft and fresh-looking skin is to do facial massages. You might have seen several acupressure techniques that leave your skin bright and feeling utterly refreshed. Use a cold jade roller to reduce puffiness and unwind the stressful nerves. Add a hydrating serum to quench the thirst of your skin.

Other than these surefire makeup tricks and tips, make sure to drink plenty of water every day and improve your sleep cycle. Look for techniques to sleep better and do meditation because pals! That is the magic wand for your tired and possibly hungover face.

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